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Reception IEP's planning for individual child with behaviour problems: STRESS!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kellyunigal, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi i'm an NQT working in Reception I have a child with extreme behaviour in my class he has recently been funded for 1 to 1 support this is helping with managing his behaviour but I am really struggling with the educational side of things. I feel like I have spent so many hours on him yet I don't feel like I have achieved in setting anything up in relation to his learning. I did an IEP for him using the P scales as advised by a behaviour advisor from the LEA - his targets are:
    To follow routines with support (I have implemented this by his 1 to 1 ensuring he sits for 5 minuutes he also has a visual timetable) which he is doing.
    To share a favoured object (This is implemented through the day during free play as he often has a specific toy/object he plays with - so other children are always asking him to have a turn and he sometimes lets them- when he does he is praised).
    My mind has gone blank and I canno't remember the last target, but anyway the SENCO has also asked me to plan a singing activity, a reading activity and an activity from the book baseline communication (for Autistic children) every day. Which I have planned and his 1 to 1 has just strated to implement this week. I can cope with doing this even though I am having to do this extra bit of planning even though I differentiate during whole class sessions, focussed activities and phonics groups but this doesn't help him. The SENCO said these activities were meant to be instead of doing phonics as he refuses to participate, I said that I would rather plan an alternative to the phonics session e.g listening to the jolly phonics cd - a song every day and looking at the letter then using malleble implements to form the letter, as I feel like he hasn't learnt a thing so far this year and i'm really starting to panic. He has the capacity to learn letter sounds but it is hard to get him to do activities becuase of his behaviour and attention span. The SENCO told me to forget about learning and focus on this even though I think it is hard to get him to do any activity I would rather him do the phonics one because I think the SENCO is aiming this towards the autistic child (he would be doing the singing, reading, and activity with his 1 to 1, an autistic child and his 1 to 1). the activities seem to be based on social experiences and this child is fine socially.
    I have been frustrated about this but planned it as I had been asked but today the headteacher has told me that i'm not planning for this child in the environment. I feel like I have so much to do she is meaning putting letters in the sand, water soil ect and told me I need to base the activites in the outside area as this is where he likes to spend most his time.
    I just feel like I am having to do all this extra for this one child and feel fed up apparently I have got to plan it all because I am the teacher. I had already asked his 1 to 1 to try and focus on a letter a day and given her some ideas e.g putting letters in the sand and water and painting them, provided shaving foam, flour ect but she never seemed to carry it out. I would rather this be done instead of the singing, reading and an activity from the baseline communication activity book but I am not prepeared to plan it all. I would do one or the other as I have already implemented things so that he will achieve the tragets on his IEP the only problem with this is that none of these are educationally based.
    Should I be planning this much?
    Am I right to feel annoyed?
    I am glad I have only one child like this.
    Sorry this is so long feel like I needed to get it all out of my head thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies
  2. Hi, don't know if I can be of any help but you sound like you need some support so here goes.
    First, has the child got a diagnosis? You don't make it clear if he is autistic, or at least he doesn't sound to be if he is 'fine socially'. Plus who is setting the IEP targets? I think it is perfectly reasonable that if you have three or four targets over half a term or so that at least one of them should be educational. Plus if you set the targets yourself (or at least have a big input in this) then you will have a clearer understanding of how to help him meet them. If the child has one to one support then I think it is reasonable for the support to set out activities for him as you have suggested - I would reiterate what you have requested and try to make sure it happens.
    As teacher then you should indeed plan for the child but it doesn't all need to be written down - your verbal instructions to the support assistant are 'planning'. The IEP should state how the child will be helped to meet his targets and this is 'planning'. Other planning could just be a note at the end of your usual short term planning to show how his needs will be accommodated in your daily routine.
    Lastly, have you got support from your SENco? You should be part of the review process as should the child's parents and you should all decide on the next targets, which may be the same as the previous ones or may be new ones. Make sure that the targets are very clear. I'd put which routines he should follow and for how long so that you are sure when this has been met and can then move on to perhaps concentrating for longer. It is motivational for everyone if a target has definitely been met and the next stage can be aimed for.
    I wish you the very best with this - I was in your situation about 25 years ago and have to say I had no idea what I was doing and had precious little support - I wish this forum had been available then.
  3. He is fine socially meaning he can communicate and interact with his peers and adults not like an autistic child. He has suspected alcohol feotal syndrome but hasn't got a statement he basically has a 2 minute attention span, will not do any adult directed activity without a massive tantrum, and throws tantrums if for example it is tidy up time and he doesn't want to put the thing he is playing with away or it is someone eleses turn on the bike. If we manage to get him to whole class carpet sessions he is extremely distractive, although we ensure he sits for his 5 minutes he is still quite disruptive. He is lacking in his emotional development which affects his behaviour but we are working with him on that with strategies we have implemented e.g not saying the word "no" to him, comforting and distracting him when he gets upset so he doesn't start lashing out at us and the things in the classroom - both these have been a success. So I feel he has made progress here but not educationally.
    I did the IEP on my own the behaviour lady gave me the book of P scales showed me how to go through and identify where he is currently at and see what steps he is missing - There were 3 areas of PSED I went through each one then wrote down as his targets for the IEP. Now I have got this off my chest and with your advice I realise I need to add an educational target which I think should be one about learning some letter sounds.
    The SENCO doesn't really support me she is a very busy lady as I work in a school with a massive amount of SEN children, as for his parents been involved he is from a single parent family and has 3 siblings all with same problems and the parent has never been asked to come in and help me do targets I didn't even know this was meant to happen!
    Thanks for the advice on the target setting I will renew his targets even though I only set these about 5 weeks ago I can already see he is achieveing them so will change some and maybe make the sitting on the carpet a little longer.
    As for verbally planning with his 1 to 1 everything I say to her seems to go in 1 ear and out of the other she needs spoon feeding she actually wanted me to write down the name of a book, and a song and plan the activity from baseline communication even though these activities are already planned in the book and singing a song is not hard neither is choosing a book. I did this for her even though I felt like I was writing this down when I didn't really need to.
    I also feel like I have to write things down as the head teacher collects the planning in each week and she has asked me where the planning is for this particular child, so I feel like I have to write something down.
    Thanks for your help Kelly
  4. I have a similar issue with a child in my class who has 1:1 support so I made a simple timetable for him with spaces for each session, then I write in the adapted LO or particular activity I want the 1:1 to provide/complete. I give it to the 1:1 support person and ask them to write on how it went for each lesson. Then I put that in my planning folder as evidence to the head that I am doing my bit, that way if it is an issue of training for the 1:1 it becomes clearer. hth
  5. You really have very little support which is unfair both on you and the child. I agree it doesn't look like you've much chance of any help from Mum, although she needs to be kept informed and told her opinions would be welcome. However you ought to have some support from the SENco particularly as you are NQT and don't have much experience to draw on. Would it be possible to ask to speak to the Head out of the classroom and explain what you are doing and what you would like help with - some heads would be o.k. with this. You sound to have had some advice from 'the behaviour lady' is she still around? You seem to be coping very well but it's never easy having a child with behaviour problems. Have you got a behaviour plan in place or is it all in the IEP? I mean have you got a set strategy for how all adults will deal with his behaviour so that he gets the same response from you, the dinner ladies, Mum etc to ensure consistency? You might find this would help, perhaps there is already a school policy which everyone concerned could be aware of. I realise this might mean more work but perhaps the SENCo could find out for you, it's probably in her job description. Good Luck
  6. I like that idea alot of extra work becuase you are basically planning spereratly for the child but I think that is what the head is after so i had better get on with it! Your 1 to 1 at least tries the activities with you child mine tries everything to get out of doing them this is why it needs to be written down so she can write down what she did then I don't look like I havn't been planning anything for him.
    Thank you kelly

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