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Reception end of year (celebration of learning) school assembly - HELP!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sararitchie, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. I would be very grateful to have a look at your powerpoint. Could you please send it to me via e-mail? My e-mail is dyanamark@yahoo.com. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I would really appreciate if I could have a copy of the PowerPoint, please. Thank you in advance. My email is: anetamgupta@gmail.com
  3. MissSnack

    MissSnack New commenter

    Hi Sue,

    Would you be so kind sending it to me as well, please? Thank you! My email is ildikisberta@yahoo.co.uk.
  4. fionajjarvis

    fionajjarvis New commenter


    Would you be able to send me a copy of this alphabet assembly if you still have it please?

    I'm at fionajarvis73@gmail.com

  5. aidanali

    aidanali New commenter

  6. CGibson34

    CGibson34 New commenter

  7. CGibson34

    CGibson34 New commenter

  8. kirstenmcg

    kirstenmcg New commenter

    I know this thread is from a few years ago but I don't suppose anyone has a copy of this fantastic sounding alphabet powerpoint they could forward to me? It would be really appreciated! My email is


  9. susiev

    susiev New commenter

    hi there ive just come across this thread and I too am doing my end of year assembly with reception- i Know its a long shot but do you still have the words to the song If i were a butterfly???
    if so would be great if you could email me, thanks so much in advance.
  10. susiev

    susiev New commenter

    hi im going to ask the same thing!!! the powerpoint sounds amazing if anyone has a copy please.
    my email is
  11. susiev

    susiev New commenter

    Sue, just come across this thread- dont suppose you still have the powerpoint?Would be so grateful if you could email me please... or post it in resources and i will pay to download it as it sounds so fab!
    thank you
  12. Hi Sue,
    Once again this is ages after the thread but I would love a copy of your alphabet powerpoint if at all possible? I'm about to do my second ever assembly with my reception class and this sounds great. My email is fionacook2003@gmail.com.

  13. jlindow

    jlindow New commenter

    Hi, if anyone still has this PP, please could they forward to me too!! It sounds amazing and would really help me out (first Reception assembly!!)
    Thank you so much,
  14. Maxmab

    Maxmab New commenter

    I did a celebration of learning linked to the alphabet - so each letter stood for something eg a is the alphabet song and we all sang the alphabet, bear is for the (take home) bear, c is for Chinese new year etc etc. It seemed to work well and the children really enjoying remembering everything they had learned and what was their favourite songs/books etc
  15. KittyMartha

    KittyMartha New commenter

    I would also love a copy of the PowerPoint please.
    Thank you very very much
  16. KittyMartha

    KittyMartha New commenter

  17. KittyMartha

    KittyMartha New commenter

    Do you still have the Powerpoint? if so would you mind emailing please.
    Thank you
  18. rivkyp

    rivkyp New commenter

    I know this might be a long shot but would it possible to get the powerpoint
  19. rivkyp

    rivkyp New commenter

  20. Grillo50

    Grillo50 New commenter

    Sounds great! Please I will also need the PowerPoint.

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