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Reception end of year (celebration of learning) school assembly - HELP!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sararitchie, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hi Sue
    starting to have a slight panic about my class assembly. If you're fed up of doing it, could you please email me your powerpoint... it sounds great and it would be much appreciated :)
  2. sorry meant if you're not fed up... i blame end of year tiredness!
  3. dear sue
    please could you forward me a copy of your powerpoint re alphabet assembly, many thanks mandy.
  4. Please could I have a copy of the powerpoint it sounds great for an end of year assembly.

  5. Hello,
    Would really appreciate a copy of your powerpoint if that's ok,
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Sue,
    I was wondering if you would mind emailing me a copy of the powerpoint presentation as well! Thank you!

  7. Hi Sue,

    If you still have a copy of that alphabet assembly, could you please send it to me? Sounds brilliant!

  8. Have to do an end of year Reception assembly on Thurs and am panicking.
    Please could I have a copy of your alphabet ppt too ?
    Thanks a million
  9. Hi,
    I love the alphabet assembly idea, could you email it to me please? Thank you very much!
    Nikki [​IMG]
  10. Just wondered if your assembly ideas are still around - would be great to see what you did!
    Thanks in anticipation
  11. If you are still able can you email me the powerpoint please I need afresh approach to end oy year assembly.

  12. hsz06rgu

    hsz06rgu New commenter

    Hi I was just wondering if you wold mind adding this to the resources page if you are still prepared to share? It would save you having to email everyone!
  13. Hi Sue,

    Would be ever so grateful if could email me a copy of your powerpoint, it sounds great!
    If you don't mind, my email is


  14. smartlass

    smartlass New commenter

    If you still have the alphabet assembly powerpoint available, I'd be very grateful if you could forward it to me. Thank you!

  15. Sorry Sue can I jump on the band wagon and ask for a copy of your powerpoint please. We are about to do an assembly and stuck for ideas.
    Thank you
  16. Hi Sue
    Please could you send me a copy of your powerpoint if you still have it, sounds a great Assembly.
  17. Hi Sue,

    This sounds like a briiliant idea, i have an end of year assembly to do with my class and we could adapt this to suit what we have been doing so yes please if you still have it could you e mail it to me please.>
  18. Hi Sue,

    Would really like to do the assembly you mentioned a few years ago... Please would you email it me if u can :)

  19. Oh please can I heve a copy of PP too? sarahceciliawatkins@yahoo.co.uk x
  20. Hi Sue,

    Do you still have a copy of this powerpoint?



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