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Reception end of year (celebration of learning) school assembly - HELP!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sararitchie, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. That sounds FAB! Could I please have a copy of your power point. My email is ammyrah67@hotmail.com
    Much appreciated
  2. Dear Sue

    I saw your email on the TES site.....please could I ask you for a copy of his...it just sounds amazing and would help me enormously....secondary trained and have to do reception end of term assembly to parents! very scared

    Kind regards
  3. [​IMG]in our school the foundation show extracts form their year - favourite songs, raps, topics, etc. In addition a graduation style presentation for each children is given - i.e. most smiley, happy, scietific etc.
    Finally the assembly finishes with photographs of the childrens' learning journeys through a slideshow and music; the children love this as much as the parents espcially if you can project onto a big screen. This is also potentially a way to make money as the parents often request a dvd/cd of the photos. I don't know about you but there are always loads to choose from x
  4. don't forget to check out the sing up website for catchy songs x
  5. I would love a copy of your powerpoint. I have a tiny village school and this would work really well. Could you please forward it .Thank you
  6. Please could I have a copy of the Powerpoint. I did a powerpoint last Christmas of the children in their 'Babushka' nativity costumes, we sold them to our parents as a fundraiser and did really well!

  7. Hi

    I've done several of these now. We do a little graduation ceremony. The children do things like singing songs (usually linked to topics), reading a favourite big book, talking about favourite experiences or funny moments etc. Then the children go out of the hall and the parents watch a power point of the photos taken during the year. The children return wearing mortar boards they have made and are presented with a certificate and a disc with their own photos on to keep. Good Luck!!
  8. We are preparing a very similar event at our school. My very clever colleague has made up lyrics to a familiar song about our year. We are singing 5 of our favourite songs, groups of children will say what they liked best, what they can do now, what they are looking forward to in Year1 and we're ending with a dance to REACH FOR THE STARS. Our parents are coming and at the end our children will have chance to share their learning journeys! Go for it and whatever when children are 4 and 5 years old, they smile and are enjoying it everyone will be with them!
  9. Hi, I'm also doing an end of year assembly for reception and would really like to have a look at you power point, if you don't mind emailling it i would be very greatful.
  10. This sounds wonderful. If you're not fed up emailing it, could I please see your power point as well?
    My email is

    Thank you so much.
  11. That sounds so good please could I have a copy. thanks Jo
  12. Another jumper onto your bandwagon Sue! Please email your powerpoint if possible.
  13. would be really grateful to see powerpoint- sounds a great idea.
  14. Your pp sounds really interesting. Would love to see a copy if you don't mind!
    kayti441@hotmail.com thanks
  15. Hi there,
    If possible please could I see a copy of the PPT too.
    rosabiondina @yahoo.co.uk

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