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Reception class planning WOBBLE - please calm me down!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by puddle, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Hello there,
    I am teaching reception for the first time this year and am having a wobble about the kind of planning I need to do. I have examples of the previous teachers planning - she has a weekly timetable, a weekly planning based on the topic/6 areas of learning where she writes her 3 whole class adult directed activities and her 3 related focus activities, a plan that has the 6 areas of learning and shows the learning objectives and activities (as far as I can see its just a different layout for the previous plan), a seperate maths plan, a seperate sheet with LO's for PSED, an ongoing phonics plan, a plan that shows the resources that will be used in the different class areas (sand, water, reading etc), a box with assessment foci (main foci for the week I think that means) and children with concerns.
    I'm getting confused just looking at them!
    I was hoping to keep it simpler (if thats possible)
    I've looked at the norfolk/southwalk theme medium term plans and know they were made pre EYFS - and was wondering about my medium term plans. As a school we map out topics for the year on a long term plan together and have medium term plans for each subject that we link in a section for FS.
    I was under the impression that I shouldn't over plan as the children may want to go off in another direction - am I completly wrong?
    I was going to make:
    - a simple weekly timetable showing whats happening when
    - some kind of plan showing my adult directed activities and the related follow up child activities. Do I also need to make a note of what I'm putting out in all of the other areas? (sand - hide letters, shells, pebbles etc)
    - a seperate phonics plan following letters and sounds
    Help would be greatly received!! I'd love to hear what you lovely people (flattery will get you everywhere!) do planning wise.
    I know its super cheeky but if anyone has any examples of what they do that they dont mind emailing id love to see.
    I don't want to not do enough but I want to keep it simple.
    Our first topic is 'ourselves' ....

  2. you have mail- hope it is helpful
  3. No wonder you're confused- I was confused reading about all that planning (which seems to be the same thing in a variety of formats!) Have a look at the Durham website; they have some really good EYFS plans; medium term, adult focussed amd daily plans. I am doing a timetable, a continuous provision plan (Sand area, water area activities etc), an adult focussed weekly plan (to timetable observations as well as AFA's), a CLL weekly plan for group time, a PSRN plan for group time and a phonics weekly plan. I don't know if it's the "right" planning, but I'll happily e-mail you a copy for you to have a look at. I agree that letting the children lead the way is the best way forward and that's why it is important not to 'over plan', I'm also keen to show on my planning (both medium and short term) how I am using my observations of the children to inform future planning.
    BTW, my first topic is all about me so if you have any great ideas let me know!!
  4. Charlotte82 - thank you for sending those. Its so good to have a starting point that makes sense!!
    I'd still be interested in seeing other peoples plans if anyone doesnt mind sending/describing them.

  5. Sian - thank you so much! Ive sent you something I found with ideas for ourselves - hope its useful!
  6. lisa04

    lisa04 New commenter

    Hi Sian, please would you email me your plans as i too am confused about which plans to do and you sound like you have it sussed! If so my email is lmcgonagle@sky.com.
    Many thanks
  7. Forgot to say that I'd emailed you just in case you didn't realise that I'm Holly! Sorry - having a blonde moment! :)
  8. Hi all!
    I was told by my LEA early years advisor that i neednt do weekly literacy and maths plans - just do a weekly plan for the 6 areas - it is so much easier, takes minutes rather than hours! Ofsted were happy too!
  9. smiley786

    smiley786 New commenter

    which LEA are you?
  10. smiley786

    smiley786 New commenter

    would you mind e mailing me your plans so i can see too. am new to reception - used to be keystage 2!
  11. smiley786

    smiley786 New commenter

  12. Kent - not been doing them for about 18 mths now.
    When you think about it - I do one focussed maths activity a week - just put the differentiation on the weekly overview - but i ensure that we have some maths input everyday - mental maths, counting, interactive stuff, jigsaws, in the creative area, you know the sort of things.
  13. Minxy12 - great name! Any chance you could send a copy of the weekly plan that you do (and Ofsted liked!) Minutes rather than hours sounds PERFECT for a newbie like me.
    To be honest the actual teaching part isn't phasing me at all, its the ridiculous paperwork that I have to do/think I have to do.
    Honestly, I want simple plans and effective teaching. I'm not going to tie myself in knots writing up hundreds of plans that all say the same thing (unless my school ask me to when they see what Im doing) - but I really want to start the year with a simple format that works.
    Holly - i did realise it was you - many thanks for sending those plans!
    Also thanks to 'k' for your plans (didnt want to put your name as you havent posted on here and dont want to 'out' your name to the TES public!! lol
  14. Done - hope it is a little helpful!
  15. Hello Charlotte
    Please could I have a copy of your timtable and planning too. Any help would be appreciated. nandita_261@fsmail.net.
    Many thanks
  16. Hello Minxy
    please could I have a copy of your weekly plan to look at. Any help would be appreciated nandita_261@fsmail.net.
    Many thanks
  17. I've already sent you mine before- about 2 weeks ago I think! Let me know if you want them sent again!
  18. I would be so grateful if I could see a copy of this planning - NQT who has OFSTED in Autumn! Am beginning to panic, thanks so much!


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