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Reception class planning - please, please help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by biliboi, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Continuous provision is the resources that are available in your classroom for the chidlren to choose from at any time - ie continually available.
    I have a maths and phonics focussed activity each day, then either creative/Kuw etc also.

  2. if you post your email I can send some sample planning
  3. Caz,
    Can I email you my general weekly timetable and a plan so that I know I am on the right track? I too am KS1 trained and expecting Ofsted soon.
  4. Hi
    I am trying to change what I currently do and how I plan. Please would it be possible if I could have a copy of examples of weekly planning and and an example of MTP. It would be interseting to see how others plan MTP for CLL.
    Thank you [​IMG]
  5. Please could have a look too, same situation, OFSTED sue, trying to juggle as amany balls as possible including key worker times etc, any help would be fantastic
    lynseycurran22@hotmail.com x
  6. done, We had ofsted on the last 2 days of last term!
  7. Hi,
    This is my first year in reception and I seem to be adding more and more to my planning each week. I now have a weekly plan for my whole class teaching (cll, psrn, phonics & kuw/cd/psed), focus activity planning sheets for every adult led activity, a plan for provision in the different areas and a general activities plan linking to cd, psed etc..
    I know this is too much but dont know how to slim it down. If I could look at your planning it would be much appreciated caz. My email is clairehalstead@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you
  8. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    hi anychance i could have a look

  9. having moved from Y6 to reception, I'd love to see your planning Caz


  10. Hi cazH

    Could I please request some sample planning too?

    Thank you for taking time to reply to people

  11. done, no problem
  12. We had an ofsted inspection 3 weeks ago that went really well. Yes, this was the planning they looked at. I've sent sample planning that explains how we work re free-flow and adult led/child initiated play. I do a daily risk assessment inside and out and we have an annual one that covers ongoing environment and provision (eg the fact that we have running water outside, the children use mallets, we have steps inside etc. Safeguarding was a big focus - school has a single central record re CRBs
  13. Sorry to be a pain but please could you send me a copy of your planning, thank you
  14. HI Caz H,

    Every week I seem to be changing my timetable trying to get some sort of balance. I am still not sure I have it right. I would like to operate free flow as much as possible but I worry with only 2 adults I am just not going to get round to everything else I am supposed to do, phonics, readers, key words etc.. Would love to see how you organise your day particularly how you operate free flow. Do you have set times for this or is it all day, everyday?

    thanks in advance

  15. Hi CazH,
    I would appreciate having a look at your planning, just to make sure I am on the right track.
    Thanks in advance
  16. Hi could you send me some copies of your planning Welsh reception class teacher and we are continually trying to get planning right... The paper work seems never ending, thanks in anticipation.
  17. Hi Caz

    I would love to have a look at your planning. I am trying to restart my career after having my kids, Haven't taught reception since 2001. At a loss really. My email is alisonw1968@bt.internet.com
    Thanks a million

  18. done. boatmanco, can you give me your email
  19. Hi Caz
    Is this planning you're being kind enough to share different to the CLL planning you were sending out? If so could I possible have a copy of this one too? You are an absolute legend! Have started working around you CLL planning and it's going pretty well (just need to encourage the other staff to stick to it a bit better!!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  20. I've sent it to you as it's samples of CLL plus focus (adult guided) planning - the explanation is in the email


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