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Reception Class Learning Journey/Recording Observations

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rachel861, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Has anyone used Early Years Target Tracker to produce Learning Journeys yet? If so, what are they like?
  2. We're using Target Tracker this year to produce reports and data but not to make the learning journeys, we're sticking to the scrap books for them.
  3. My head wanted us to keep back a few books to show the big O if they came. I stuck by my guns and said as a parent i would be devastated if my child was the one that never got their LJ. Our LJ's are a collection of their work and photos from their first day at school and writing their name to say a piece of writing at the end and pictures/paintings. It really is a big scrap book of work and photos. I also stuck to my guns and said i am not sticking a sticker or writing a note that the child did this KUW 6 etc the parents do not want to know or whether it was adult supported or child led etc and which profile point it ticks. They just want to see their work (i still have my 'topic book's i made in the juniors in good old fashion hessian!!) We had internal moderationa nd she was pleased with what we had done said we knew the children might not have had a photo etc to prove it but we knew them.
    Its a shame work has to be shredded my childrens school are bad for this we complained last eayr when they were shredding work in front of the children - work has been sent home this time!! In the past i have heard its because of what the teacher might have written in the book/comments etc but what a waste of paper, books might as well just all work on white boards rub it out and start a again
  4. Yes we use Essex Target Tracker. We have it installed on a fizzbook which we use to take photos and record comments straight into the profile point. I belive it will be similiar but using the DM's to record info. This is why we do not add comments in our scarp books as the comments are all on TT.
  5. I don't think we should partition their learning into areas - everything is pretty much cross-curricular!
    Learning Journeys in our school are Creative Learning Journeys - every class democratically decides what & how they would like to learn about - yes even the nursery. It works well & breadth of study is monitored & passed up so each LJ is fresh. Can be for however long you want. The key children have activities following their interests also.
    Regarding the Journals; don't do any. Have talked about this before - sorry Msz - but all our children have a fab pdf book - a collection of lovely moments/conversations/evidence - collected on our iphones. The parents look at theirs at home, & write back to us each time - our comments & parents comments are visible to eachother. Our scale points etc are not visible. It's great. look@me on www.learninglogic . I think everyone likes having a look at their convenience & they don't have to print - it can go on a CD, or a stick etc. I don't print any - only sometimes to add to a display showing how we made it. The moderators liked it - seems easier for everyone. The children like flicking through iphones a lot more than being sat with gluesticks - I wouldn't do that anyway.
  6. Just had a browse through that link and I really like the look of that Look@Me programme- do you know what the costs are for access? Is it per teacher or per school?
  7. I've heard of this happening upon moderation - how soul destroying! So what happened to the statement below then?! When are they going to trust our professional opinions?!

    &ldquo;although practitioners may choose to record specific evidence in order to secure their own judgements, it is their final assessment of the child, based on all the evidence they have (documented or not) that informs their completion of the Profile <u>and it is this judgement that is moderated by the LA.&rdquo;</u>

  8. We have a4 ringbinders for our nursery which follow onto our reception. we file all their work, independent or adult led in chronological order, as well as work/notes from home. their assessments and development matters banding are at the front. we also include all post its and photos we take during the week. we put everything in a box for a helper who comes one afternoon to file away.

    we dont find it is any extra work (for 52 nursery and 38 reception in the unit!) instead of having different folders to keep their work/assessments/photos in we just put them all in the one file and it helps when we come to assessing them.

    they are accessible for the children and parents to have a look through when they like and we recently had a coffee morning to encourage parents to come in at the end of the year to have a look through before we sent them home. we got very positive feedback from this. we then send them home at the end of reception.

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