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Reception Class Learning Journey/Recording Observations

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rachel861, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. amjeg

    amjeg New commenter

    Hi, No really honestly, they are allowed to take them home when you have finished with them for evidence and filling in the profile document. Where are you getting your information???!!! In every school I have worked in and know people in they go home! I have 2 children myself and have received both of theirs at the end of reception myself. Please do not shred them of course the parents are allowed to keep them. You obviously have only written information in with regard to that child - they are an open document anyway and the parents have a right to see them whenever they request. I would check out your source!! Our Early Years Adviser says yes send them home too, and a very dear friend of mine was an Early years adviser and has just recently retired and thinks this is mad - of course they can go home!!!!

    Why do them otherwise!!!!!
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I'd like to know too.
    Please tell us, zulu. It's absolutely bonkers!
  3. However they might be useful to the parents.
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Useful? That's not necessarily the word I'd use, unless I needed 'evidence' for another school, I suppose. But, failing that, I think 'useful' is a bit gradgrindian.
  5. They're just nice for parents to share with children, but my Mum was great at clearing things out, so mine wouldn't have lasted long when I was young, unless it was professional looking!

    Can anyone give examples of the least time consuming ways to document in a child-friendly, parent-friendly, and less time consuming way please? Thanks
  6. Oops, didn't mean to say less time consuming twice. Just shows I mean it!!
  7. I think my parents at our school have found them useful. They get to see what their children have been up to at school and they enjoy sharing them with their child, reflecting on what they've done over the year.
    Useful might not be quite the right word but I certainly wouldn't dream of shredding ours.
  8. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sorry, Emnemz. It's just that useful's such a bloodless sort of word when what it often comes down to is a load of aaahhhh moments.
    I agree that the LJs might be useful, though - especially when a child was changing schools.
  9. Jargon-ridden... because I have 40 to do, have only been given half a day's release time to do them and the computer program starts them off for you if you can put up with DM statements assembled in a row. I hate it with a deep abiding hate but otherwise would be up all night every night for two weeks. And I want a life!
  10. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Thumbie, in my day we didn't get any time off for reports. They were done over a weekend with the aid of a decent fountain pen, a few spare copies and a load of red wine.


  11. We are an FSU and for every child have a cardboard A4 folder with 'dividers' for each of the areas of learning (a piece of coloured paper saying 'creative development' etc ..)
    We then file observations/ photos/ photocopies in front of relevant divider, no cutting or sticking or anything like that. The child then takes the learning journey into year 1. Parents are encouraged to come and look at and contribute to it so they get to see it often.
    Our end of year 'reports' concentrate on 6 key dispositions for learning e.g. curiosity, perseverance, co-operation... for both our F1 and F2 children. The only difference is that the F2 children have their points scores at the start with a short description about what they mean.
    Hope this helps a bit!
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What happens to the folders when the children leave the FSU? Are they shredded or sent home?
  13. The head says the books have to be shredded. The parent's are not allowed to see them. Can't really post on there but the reason given is absolutely ludicrous. They were shredded last year as well, I wish I'd know before then I wouldn't have done them.
  14. So what is the reason the head gives for doing them ? I'm glad I haven't wasted hours doing them and I hope you don't bother next year.
    If I had done them then I would just send them home anyway . . . but that's me . . . a secret anarchist
  15. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    We've been poking fun of it all on Opinion.

    Scorn is the key to our liberation. Public scorn, that is.
    Poor zulu and the poor parents of her littlies, are being taken for a ride. Understandably, she can't come out and ridicule her HT in public. But we can!

  16. I use the computer and take lots of photos of work samples and children doing stuff then hyper link from profile point
  17. I have ringbinders for my children, divided into areas like you, but do you just put the post it's into a plastic wallet that is stored in each section or do you glue them somewhere? I am so bogged down...i did do learning journals in exercise books, 1 per child but found i was spending more time sticking an annotating than planning fun lessons!
  18. An idea has been given to me to use a powerpoint with links to elsewhere, but how can this be open to the children and parents without risk of them looking at information for the wrong child?
  19. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    We also do our assessment on the computer using Classroom Monitor - notes and observations can be added to this linked to the scale point. This year we have also been able to link photos but now the school has to pay extra for this facility and our school won't be paying. I intend to store photos on the school server instead, in a folder for each child - I refuse to spend time and money printing dozens of photos and sticking them in a book. Actual physical evidence can be filed or photocopied and filed and kept together with a treasury tag.

    I spend long enough every night planning and preparing resources for individual needs, I am not going to spend my time gluing pictures in a book.
  20. In my nursery each child has their own file with their photograph on the side all stored at child level to allow for the children to be able to access them at any time, which they do frequently. We include our observations, photographs and some work and are now begining to include photos and obs from home which parents are sening in via email or in envelopes left for key workers. All Practitioners have non contact time to allow for keeping the Learning journeys upto date and for planning for the childrens interests.
    I am aware that as a day nursery ratios are hgher which makes it that bit easier. from the start parents are involved in the LJ's and can have acces to them and remove them to look through at any time. we ensure they are availble at parents evenings to be taken away and read
    At the end of their time with us all LJ's are transferred into the childs next placement and most if not all the schools in my area then hand them over to the parents at the end of reception.
    Personally I think learning journeys are brilliant, just wish I'd had them for my own children.

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