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Reception assessment??

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by helenob, May 19, 2011.

  1. I've just started a job (supply) in reception class and been told to use the assessment goals as my planning objectives.
    Help! Which document should I be using? EYFS profile? Early learning goals? Anybody help or put a link for me please??

  2. I may be sticking my neck out and I'm sure some will want to criticise.
    You can spend hours trawling through the 'Development Matters' document to find very small step, specific, individualised objectives for everything if you like. On the other hand you could use the ELG's, which you can certainly find in whatever version of the EYFS profile you are using at your school.
    If I'm absolutely honest, I mostly add objectives to planning after I've worked out what teaching/activities I'm providing, safe in the knowledge that any activitiy will provide children with opportunities to work towards a number of ELG's. So no need to worry about coverage.
    As you work with a class over time you will want to provide specific opportunities for specific objectives, for example the ones that deal with developing understanding of cultures and beliefs. So you take every opportunitiy that it presents itself to do just that. Also, as individuals or groups of children demonstrate that they need additional opportunities to help them achieve particular objectives, again you plan specifically for those. Basically that's what you then record on your planning.
    I used to have a number of objectives for each of the 6 areas of learning on my planning but was advised by our EY consultant to just focus on one or two per AoL and record those.
    Does that help?


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