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Reception Assembly Ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by starjin5, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have an assembly this week with my lovely Reception class but I'm really stumped for ideas. Our topic is Change, so we have been talking about seasons, weather, animals and their young, looking at baby pictures and talking about how we have changed. This week we will also be planting some sunflower seeds.
    I just can't decide on what we should do!! Also my children are all eager to take part and speak in assembly but when it comes to it, they all back out (so would I though).
    I'm left with only 4/5 children who will actually speak, so maybe a nice song would be great.
    Please any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Hi,
    I always type up a quick assembly based on what we've done. So I'd go through it with the class and ask who could talk about a book of the week etc, who could tell everyone which characters were in i, perhaps act it out. Yes a song we've been doing is always good. We always show what we've been learning with numbers, e.g., getting them to clap and count up to 20 or sing number rhymes with a difference e.g, 1 little 2 little 3 little aliens. I also make a powerpoint quickly with photos from the term and encourage the children to tell everyone what they did. (Even a couple of short vids-could be of interaction on the carpet) I never sed home words and try not to make a big deal about it-just tell them the fri before the week of the assembly-then they don't worry but are more excited! Hope that helps.
  3. We do a class assembly each term and I never have more than one full run through just so they know the order and vaguely what they are doing. We always sing a song and have some audience participation- maybe for this the reception children could show a picture of a sheep and ask what the baby is called they then choose from the rest of the school and are able to say if they are correct. I act as a narrator almost and ask the children lots of questions to lead them on through the assembly. I also have a slide show of photos that I show beginning and end as people are waiting. My TA is also on hand to support from behind the children as I am at the front which helps.
    Reception have the cute factor so you can get away with some not speaking just showing a picture or model or something. It's easy to say but try not to get stressed as they will pick up on it. They will amaze you on the day. Good Luck

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