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Reception and Year One together - timetable ideas please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bumblebee111, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi I have Reception and Year One together in September, after pure Reception this year. I need to cover the same objectives and topics with the Year One children as the Y1/2 class, but can't get my head round how to do this while still juggling observations and all the needs of a new cohort of reception children. I would be grateful of timetable suggestions that work (for the children, the school, the teacher and the advisers/consultants), not necessarily with TA support full time, but with a few nursery children joining the class in the afternoons. I would appreciate it if this thread didn't get full of opinions - I'm after real suggestions, not the politics of what is right and wrong! Thank you
  2. Help anyone?! Please!
  3. I suppose it depends on how many receptions and how many Y1s you have got to start with.
  4. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    When the FS was separate to EYFS, there used to be written guidance for classes just like yours. I can't remember exactly where from, the National Strategies or something. I can't even remember the colour of the booklets, a turqoise/blue springs to mind. I wonder if any of your colleauges might still have any in school. They had sample routines/structures of the day for mixed R & Y1 and mixed R, Y1 & Y2. Have you searched the national websites, Dept for Ed. Sure Start, Gov.uk etc. Even the Governor's website might have something about it to help you.
    Sorry I am being a bit vauge but good luck with searching. (Have you done a search on this forum or primary for other threads?)
  5. Snap when it comes to being a mixed Year 1 class, but I'm up against a pure-reception class on one side of me, and a mixed 1/2 the other! [​IMG]
    Most lessons can have similar objectives for both year groups (Sally Featherstone has some excellent resources for this), but it can be tricky to cater for the separate year groups. Do you have the less-able or younger Year 1s - I have the youngest, which includes some of the brighest - this makes it very difficut when my reception are the eldest, but not necessarily the brightest! aarrrgghhhhhh
    Think I'm going to try a slightly different way in September, with the children coming in and immediately going into some continuous provision activities, while I do some readers, group-work, focussed individual work etc, and then do maths and English in the morning, with topic etc in the afternoons. It's phonics that I find really hard to fit in - I find it impossible to follow the suggested lesson format for L&S in 20 minutes with a mixed-age class, so I tend to do longer phonics session on two days per week, where independent activities are phonic-based, and shorter sessions on the other three days. And the Year 1s are pushed on at the own base, using their reading packets that are very individualised, some with more words, sounds etc to practise.
    Hope that helps a bit! I've been doing the for four years, and it very much depends on the dynamics of the group you get!
  6. I have taught a mixed year R/1 mix for about 4 years, with usually 2/3 year R and 1/3 year 1. There are also 2 pure year R and Y1 classes. I follow the Year R topics (on a 2 year rolling programme so they don't repeat any) and whole class teaching is geared mainly at the Year R with sufficient challenge for the Year 1 and more able Year R. The TA takes on board a larger teaching role, as literacy and numeracy is taught in ability based groups. The first term is the hardest in terms of curriculum as the 'gap' between the year R and 1 is most noticeable, however it is easier to settle the Year R in with a sensible group of Year 1's to act as role models! I always worry that the Year 1's will make less progress than those in the other year 1 classes, but this hasn't proved a problem.

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