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Recall breast screening

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ajtextiles, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Had a routine mammogram 10 days ago and had a letter on Thursday asking me to go back to be seen again,this time to the hospital (rather than mobile unit locally) for further xray or tests...I know women are asked back but Im still feeling very tense about it. I have had a difficult time now for the last few years with the death of my son and a husband who suffers with depressive episodes. Sometimes I think don't I just deserve a break from all of this.
  2. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    After my first ever mammogram, (just had my second), I was called back. I was so worried and convinced it would be bad news. This was to the original place where I was first screened at a clinic. However, it turned out that as I had never been screened before, the xrays showed some areas that they were unsure of. They did a few more xrays and a doctor I think, examined my breasts. All was fine. I would imagine that you have been asked to go to the hospital because, like me, they just want to check again on a few areas and the mobile unit probably does not have a doctor on board. Try not to worry and I hope it all turns out fine.
  3. I got a call-back and it was just a cyst.
  4. I have just had one and from reading the literature it seems routine that they call you back to the hospital rather than the mobile unit, so don't read anything into that, will you? They do say there are all kinds of reasons for recalling, aside from the worst-case scenario.
  5. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Sorry to see you're so worried, ajtextiles, but I was in just this position a few weeks ago. The odds are massively in favour of nothing being wrong. They look at every anomaly, and part of this is building up their repertoire of lump recognition.
    Curiously, even though nothing was wrong with me, I felt quite down for several days after the call-back, not that cancer would have made me laugh. I expect it was the comedown from the inevitable anxiety.
    wishing you well.

  6. Thanks everyone who has reponded. Only a few hours now until my appointment at 10am.
  7. This happened to my mum and she was so worried I rang. They said it was an area of calcification which is really common in lots of women but very occasionally it can be sort of a pre cancer. Which ever way it was identifying it earlier meant it would almost definitely be sorted. They could only tell by doing a magnified image of that area. My mum's turned out to be the common one and needed no treatment. Please try not to worry chances are that it will be absolutely fine.
  8. Phew. All Ok, but it was sacry seeing what they first thought was something, but after second xray and then a ultra sound all fine. Role on the start of the holidays. We end tomorrow lunch time.
  9. Thanks Lily I certainly will!
  10. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Good to hear your news, ajtextiles. I raise my pre-prandial sherry to you.

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