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rebound therapy with mld/asd and pregnancy

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by figrowan, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. figrowan

    figrowan New commenter


    Anyone know about rebound when you're pregnant? I teach sen and autism and do a wide range of stuff with them but am 8 weeks pregnant.
    My notes and guidelines say no but my smt looked disbelieving.

    The kids are not very independent and some have challenging behaviour.

  2. i do rebound and I would definitely say "NO" - most of our female staff would not bounce on a trampoline (stress incontinence etc); yet along when pregnant. please listen to your body and the guidelines. Good luck
  3. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    That's a really important question - and with all due respect to colleagues here you have no idea whether any answer you recieve is from a fool or an expert.
    Seek expert advice to ensure you do a decent job for your kids whilst protecting you and your future baby
    I'm sure you can use google and the like as well as me but I'd start with http://www.reboundtherapy.org/
  4. figrowan

    figrowan New commenter


    Didn't want to clog up the message board with ins and outs.

    I've contacted my trainer but he hasn't got back to me yet and be fair it says no. However being only 8 weeks its early. My main prob is aching stiff joints at mo. I am very fit usually. Pre pregnancy my doc couldn't understand why I couldn't when pregnant till it was actually too tricky. My head hasn't been trained and she apparently gets annoyed with people who get preg and ' suddenly stop doing stuff.' One deputy is trained but a while ago and when I was 5 weeks advised claiming bad leg and taking the passives, the wk before Easter hol. My back hurt for some time after though. I explained this to head but got nervy and didn't make it clear enough about the guidelines - she can be quite domineering. I just wanted some back up advice and what happens in other schools as this is the first time this has happened at our school, we've been doing rebound for 2 years. It's a tricky time at 8 weeks as don't want to discuss with other colleagues but its a horribly uncertain time. My deputy did come back and say she was taking over but not sure if is for the time being (head said I may feel more able to do it in a few weeks!!!) Or for good - ill ask her tomorrow. Bless her she's late 40's and now feel like I'm making a fuss. However I know I'm not. The gossip mill can be a bit stressful. I know in team teach you can't get physically involved, my immediate team have been great about that.

    First pregnancy, obviously confused about things as technically it should be 12 weeks etc. I was just looking for personal experiences, thanks for the advice
  5. figrowan

    figrowan New commenter

    I also can't locate the relevant info on that website, but do have a risk ass from another authority from Google. States it as a contraindication in my notes but that's all.
  6. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    I wasn't trying to sound unsympathetic - at my school I would expect a risk assessment of this to take place and frankly that should be based on some expert opinion.
    I do have sympathies with Heads who feel some pregnant staff act as if they should be in school until the latest possible date BUT don't expect to do any of their normal role. I'm not suggesting that is what you are doing - I've known teachers who carry on just as before doing a terrific job and other staff doing as little as possible as slowly as they can.
    Good luck
  7. figrowan

    figrowan New commenter

    Yes I would expect a risk assessment too! There is one I need to hunt it out. My head is due to retire and is as tough as they come but I also fab usually.

    We haven't as a school had this situation before. though I am being forgiving as I pointed out the guidelines and she seemed to ignore me. I've since had a comprehensive explanation from my trainer with the detail I need (not its just to cover them selves).

    There has been anecdotal and documented evidence of miscarriage linked to rebound particularly in early pregnancy, including the experience of physio who works with him. It's possibly due to the vibratorary effect of the trampoline and compression in the movements.

    I can't believe in a way that I've had to ask the question and I was quite cross this morning, feeling I have already made to feel (by her) as if I made a fuss - you shouldn't do it with injuries anyway, and if you saw what I do on a daily basis there is no way I can slow down, nor would. Without being in any way a martyr I have also already made choices in certain situations to stop a colleague being hurt when technically I shouldn't but had to as there was no one else who knew the child. My choice and a good one as he was a kitten with me as I am his teacher.
    We also don't really have our full quota of staff, on paper we do but in reality not and we've just got on with it. I am awaiting my risk assessment with eagerness!

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