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Reasons to enjoy being single...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by skt107, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    I have lots of wonderful friends who I am lucky to have, but I am feeling the need for a little reminder about the advantages of being single. The summer is bringing many weddings/christenings/engagements/pregnancies etc and my last flame has just moved cities and I'm needing a little pick-me-up.
    I gathered that, with all this time on our hands, some others out there might do too? So I thought this could be the perfect place to start a list and remind ourselves of why it's good to be single!
    I'll start with my favourite one...
    • No snoring and keeping me awake all night!
  2. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    • Watch what you want on TV
    • No wet towels left everywhere
    • No horrrible boy smells
    • Eat what and when you want
    • WHole bed to yourself = starfish!
    • Have friends over whenever you want
    • Utter freedom to do what you want really
    • Any mess is your mess
    That's a few to be going on with. [​IMG]
  3. Time to yourself
    Can leave your phone off/on silent/out of hearing without the other half sulking
    No justifying weird food choices
    Can be lazy without guilt (holidays + non-teachers)
    Don't need to do legs/bikini line/underarms every day
    Can go out with friends without the third degree
    Cheaper Christmasses

  4. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    • No wondering 'will he reply' 'why hasn't he replied' 'does he like me' 'doesn't he like me' (in a new relationship that is!)
    • Being able to watch back-to-back girly box sets rather than adventure films
    • Singing along to cheese in the car
  5. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    Great list so far!
    This is actually making me want to go and raid the cupboard, just because I can!
  6. I enjoy my own company sometimes, but I can't imagine not being married. In fact it's our 30th anniversary tomorrow. Being single seems a lonely existence, especially as children fly the nest. In old age, we need the support and companionship that livng with someone provides.
  7. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    Ahhh congratulations! I hope I eventually meet the person who will make me as happy as you seem to be. Hope you're doing something special xx
  8. cursed

    cursed New commenter

    You can eat/ buy/ watch/ go whatever or wherever you want without having to consider anyone else.mif you say you're going out for an hour and that turns into 3 you have no one to complain about.
  10. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    You know, whenever I've been in relationships I've never really had this problem. I always seem to choose the laid back types (which can also be a problem at times!)
  11. Thank you. We've no time to go out for a meal, but I 'm not a bad cook.
    Keep looking, and be bold. I only knew my wife for six months before we married.

  12. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    It's how to find the dates in the first place! I signed up onto the internet but never feel readyto actually 'meet' people. I guess maybe that means I need to be single for a bit longer!
  13. Take your time - what's the rush? Enjoy your single time because who knows when you are going to meet someone?
  14. skt107

    skt107 New commenter

    Completely right! I thought I had met someone, I don't feel the 'spark' very often. But it turned out to be the wrong time and place for us. We were at different chapters of our lives and he always knew he was moving away. But yet I can't seem to shake him, even though it was never serious and only lasted for a few months! Hence why I am trying to enjoy being single! I have lots of interests and amazing friends so I'm always busy, but I can't seem to stop thinking about him yet! I am in absolutely no rush to meet anyone else until I've got him out of my system.
  15. I am not sure we do.
    I am not 'old' (50s isn't old...) but I think you get used to your living situation.
    I don't have a live-in partner - I have a live-out one, and it suits me just fine! I don't want a partner so he can be 'there for me' when I become old and frail...or a constant companion. (I hate depending on others..and a 'constant' companion would irritate the hell out of me, I am sure!)
    Space..having space and not having people rely on you is good.
    I think if you have friends, hobbies and your mobility, being single can be a fantastic life. I'll cross the 'old and frail' bridge when and if I come to it!
    The whole ''suiting yourself' thing is great. I can compromise but being able to do my own thing is wonderful...doesn't tie me down to routines, habits, doing things for others because they are there,etc.
    Today I also have the peace and quiet of an empty house..Batteries recharged..no hassles.
    No criticism, no judgements, no reservations - just me, being able to please myself.
  16. AE, it's those things that I've been surprised to learn are the precious things about being single. I thought I'd miss being married when my ex left but I really don't. I suppose the fact that I've still got adult offspring at home means that I have someone to chat along to but I enjoy that.
    Having the bed to myself, without the snoring that virtually destroyed my health, is bliss [​IMG].
    I don't think I'll ever live with another man again.
  17. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I am now in my early 50s....I have never had a long-term partner and it is increasingly unlikely that I ever will. (My age...my disability....I've got too many counts against me to offer much hope berring a genuine miracle....which is a hope I cling to!)
    I keep telling myself I'm better off single....
    No-one to demand a bigger share of the bed/duvet.
    No-one to use up all the hot water.
    No-one to fight over what to watch on TV
    No-one to stop me slobbing around the house in my PJs all day to hide my flab if I want to.
    No-one to stop me scoffing a double portion of pudding if I feel like it
    On the other hand...
    I have no-one to share my bed with (some nights it just seems so big and empty!)
    No-one to share the new shower being installed soon with.
    No-one to pull those scuzzy PJs off me and tell me that I'm beautiful despite (or because of?!) my flab.
    No-one to sit and enjoy TV with.
    No-one to stop me scoffing far too much pudding!
  18. Eeeeh Bethannie...too many romantic notions. Let me help you feel better...[​IMG]

    I have no-one to share my bed with (some nights it just seems so big and empty!)

    You can enjoy the bliss of having no one snore, fart, toss and turn, hog the duvet, get up in the night for wees...and disturb you, scratch his **** and dangly bits, (so romantic) mutter in the early hours of the morning about the noisy dawn chorus and wake you up....Sex and romance? They do slow down and sleeping open-mouthed tends to be their normal way in bed...
    No-one to share the new shower being installed soon with.

    It's not like it is in the movies....there is never enough room...and the 'let's shower together' thing becomes a real waste of time eventually. Those 'I'll hold you up as you wrap your legs around me' moves just don't work....in films they have hoists and winches...I am sure. Your back will be put out and that's not at all romantic...
    AND... I don't mind picking any of my stray ***** out of the shower...having his as well...it's twice the work. And the chances are he won't clean the shower after use anyway...

    No-one to pull those scuzzy PJs off me and tell me that I'm beautiful despite (or because of?!) my flab

    When they are horny you are always beautiful...They'll shag you with your PJs on if they are in the mood...(even through your PJs...so forget all that bodice-ripping palaver) ....then roll over and snore. They also forget to tell you you're beautiful...

    No-one to sit and enjoy TV with.

    You might fight for control of the remote? If you can agree on a programme the chances are you'll either sit in silence, talk over some important dialogue...or one of you will drop off.....

    No-one to stop me scoffing far too much pudding!

    Eventually you'll resent him telling you what you should and shouldn't be eating. He'll also be reminding you that you are overweight. Who needs that? You enjoy a bit of pudding every now and then! Leave me and my pudding alone!

    Hope this helps you feel a little better now.
    AE, last of the great romantics.

  19. Wait until you become seriously ill and infirm, and you might change your mind.

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