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Reasons to Become a Supply Teacher

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by magic surf bus, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I would query the OP's point about being able to choose when you work. It's your agent and the forces of demand and (dare I say it) supply that choose that.

    Supply's OK if you can get enough money to pay your bills and if it provides the level of income you want it to, but available work is getting tighter, and it's difficult to imagine what it will be like in a year or two's time.
  2. Not true, most of the above statements on the blog.
    Very, very little work mainly because of schools now employing armies of unqualified staff (cover supervisors) as "teachers". Totally unacceptable but it's happening all over the UK.

    As a highly popular, highly effective supply teacher at a secondary school, I use to get lots of work offers but since the school now employs 3 in-house CSs what can you do???????

    Even the cover manager is embarrassed about the situation but what can she do if this malign practice persists??
  3. Do you think theres any chance of the CS being removed from schools in the near future? I really want a carear in supply teaching alone.
  4. I have not read all the reasons. However when I started supply a while ago I went through a sort of romantic 'fun' phase of a feeling of freedom, so the point is relevent I will acknowledge.
    However when I work now it is only long termish and I do all the secondary stuff, normaly I inherit a mess, for far less pay.
    Other reasons teachers can find themselves on supply.
    Looking after children
    Looking after their sick children
    Looking after their sick spouse
    Looking after an elderly parent
    Being seriously sick themselves then looking for a way back in.
    Non of these points are acknowledged by my highly paid contract teaching colleagues regarding motives for supply teaching..
    Now seriously sick myself and reflecting on my 'Supply Junkie', lifestyle. I was always looking for my next work 'fix', because I enjoyed the job.
    I ended up on supply as I had to care for my geriatric parent. Now I need some flippin care myself.
    Having a moan, and feeling sorry for myself.

  5. Not had much work past 2 weeks, very frustrating!

    Been asked to work as a cover supervisor but refused as the pay is rubbish!
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Missed thispost the other day geffone. So albeit a bit late a big cyberhug [​IMG]
    I was doing (now dried up completely) supply for similar reasons, children needing help then elderly relatives-currently 92 year old in laws and Mum with Alzheimers. I so miss being with children with all their vivacity and drive, even if it is directed into bad behaviour and have often found myself feeling sorry for myself more this year, so sympathies.
  7. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    None whatsoever.

    If anything the number of CS posts will increase, though schools may well decide to rebrand them as "general teachers" since most schools don't even have to pretend to employ qualified teachers any more.

    (Why did you think there was even the remotest possibility, btw?)
  8. An interest point the HoY Year 9 e-mailed us last night from her school iphone to give us a list of year 9 pupils to rebuke durning tutor time as they behaved appalling for a 'cover teacher' belonging to the school. The school can be tough and I on called while doing general cover for 1 lesson yesterday, but time and time again I see the argument that CS know the school and the system no reflected in realities of behaviour. As I took over in February (maternity cover) one class I have once a week mistook me for a cover supervisor and I was even told 'you aren't a proper teacher'. After I told the student in no uncertain terms where to get off have had much less opposition from the class and more work. To the kids cover supervisor = bad behaviour fun time. Commonly we have about a third of them off sick at any one time and it is no surprise. This means the school has to bring in daily supply....... I would love to know how effective employing CS actually is.
  9. Love the blog

    Supply teaching has lots of benefits, many of which can be forgotten. It can open new doors for career progression and opportunities, due to agency workers regulation supply staff are paid comparatively to role covering.

    Flexible! Often not got to plan etc...

    Meet lots of different people and still can build working relationships if good at job they will ask for you back.
  10. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    My own kids tell me:

    Cover Supervisor = Being baby-sat by someone who knows less about the subject than they do. It normally involves a half-thought out worksheet that will take about 10 minutes to do if worked through properly but, since it will never be marked, what's the point in even doing that?

    =>No point in conforming.

    =>Might as well carry on chat, eat lunch, read facebook, whatever.
  11. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    love the lack of pressure and free time with supply. looking for something to dovetail with it so i could continue for the forseeable future. thinking of working weekends and an extra day a week and then topping up with supply. Then taking all our holidays in term time.
    better half is not a teacher and has to work shifts and weekends so i might as well do the same and then benefit from cheap holidays!
    also we could go and see our grandchildren do their school plays etc.
    fortunately i have a really good agency who look after me and listen to what i want/need
  12. Hoping2012

    Hoping2012 New commenter

    totally agree with you I am considering doing supply work - have you had a lot of work and also what is your pay rate?

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