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Really struggling not meeting targets consistently....

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by rubeechooseday, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I taught a really good literacy lesson, last week I taught good science lesson but unfortuantely I was not observed. Today I taugt a diastrous numeracy lesson. I am not hitting consistently hitting the QTS standards required. My weekly reviews are all incomplete. I have to redo this placment in September but my university have not found me a placement in a school yet. I wanted one to be in place before the schools break up for summer so I could spend the next two months planning. I really wanted to do well in my final week of teaching. Yesterday, one of the senior teachers said that I had been unlucky with the class I had been placed with - she said that I was probably feeling like the worse teacher in the world and had made the wrong decision but to remember that the dynamics of the class are awful and they are the most hated class in the school - most of the supply teachers concur with this point of view and even the class teacher said this when I first joined the class.
    I am completely demoralised. I have spend the last 9 months of the course either worrying about the course if not being exhausted. My last placement failed to provide me with training skills or experience in assessment, differentiation and mid-term planning so there was a great hole in my practice.
  2. What you can usefully do is reflect back on the lessons that you did that went well and analyse them for a common factors. If you are moving to a new school you will need some time to get used to the school and you will need time to get used to the policies and procedures and that is most usefully done in the school not beforehand.
    Look at those standards that you struggle with and reflect on how changing your apporach to teaching and or planning would help you better meet the standards.
  3. Dear James
    I have asked my PAT Tutor whether it is possible for the University to find me a re-sit placement school before the schools end for summer so I can go in and meet the teachers, get copies of policies and procedures etc and crucially advice and guidance about what to plan, what year group I will be teaching so I can use the summer holiday to plan my lessons and resources. It is unlikely that my Uni will be able to find me a school before the end of the summer term though they are simply not equipped for or efficient enough for that. I had a one week visit week in my current school prior to starting my placement where I shadowed a supply teacher because the class teacher was had been off sick for 4 wks. When she returned she was behind in her own work and also having personal problems so was unable to support me so I was moved to my current class (described by everyone in the school including the class teacher, fellow teachers, dinner ladies and supply teachers as the most despised class in the school)
    How much time is 'some time to get used to the school exactly' can you advise. My university was unable to find me a beginning placement until November this year I am worried that they will not be able to find me a resit placement in September and things will drag on.

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