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Really need your help please! Returning after 5 years!

Discussion in 'Science' started by bg1974, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. bg1974

    bg1974 New commenter

    I left my head of science job Christmas 2006 to have a career break. I had three children and am now ready to go back to full time teaching. My specialism is Biology. I've done some tutoring, exam marking a a few months part time supply at a local school in 2010 but nothing to really get my teeth into. I feel completely out of it and my confidence is pretty low. I'm sure I'd be fine getting back into the classroom as the supply work I did confirmed I've not lost the knack with the pupils. However, Im really worried about interview questions. What are the new curriculum developments? New buzz words? Lesson structures? Assessment? Basically what have I missed and what do I need to brush up on? What should I read and get swatting up on?
    I'd really appreciate your help. I realise it's going to be a real struggle getting a job as I left on UPS1 and had 5 years off. I need to do all I can to compete with fresh faced nqts!
    Thankyou B
  2. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Big changes from 5 years ago:
    No KS3 sats.
    No new modular science exams for GCSE from Sept 2012 (next years yr11 will still do them).
    BTEC don't count towards "2 good science GCSE's" on the schools stats.
    Terminal exams (75%) + very controlled c/w (25%).
    Exams moving away strongly from multi-guess and short answers to longer style questions that should be well written.
    A level probably going the same way but not confirmed when or how yet.
    3 parters are still big.
    Share objectives at start of lesson, be aware of outcomes though not necessarily shared.
    You should be able to demonstrate progress in 20 mins according to the new ofarse regimen (yes really).
    You should be aware of the targets and current performance of kids in your classes, you should know who is GRT, SEN, FSM etc. etc. and be doing "something" about it.
    Continued move to "skills" rather than knowledge (might change though as KS3 NC is due to change soon - again).
    That's what comes to mind for now.
  3. AshgarMary

    AshgarMary New commenter

    I'm returning after 30 years! Will PM you what steps I've taken.
  4. Good summary - make sure you look up APP - Most schools in Manchester use it to assess KS3 pupils and it does link upwards to GCSE's - more skills than knowledge based!
  5. bg1974

    bg1974 New commenter

    That's great thanks very much! Will get swatting up on it all!
    Does anybody know of the best website(s) to look on?

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