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Really need to get this job - help and advice please!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by maggieDD, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter

    I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice on interview techniques for a teaching assistant job I've applied for.
    I have completed a course with the Open University "Supporting Learning in Primary Schools" and I've had 15 months experience volunteering in a primary school.
    I have applied for several jobs and attended quite a few interviews but I haven't yet been offered a position. The reasons I've been given have been that another canidate has had more experience, but the last job I didn't get I was told the reason was that someone else gave more expansive answers.
    If anyone has any tips on answers that intervewees are expecting that would be most helpful as I really do want this job! :)

    Thank you

  2. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter

    Oh, and they asked me to bring in a portfolio of anything I've done [​IMG]
    Aside from my certificate for the OU course, and a St John Ambulance first aid course, I don't know what else would be relevant. Any ideas please? :)
  3. Would you be able to put your coursework and any positive feedback recieved in a portfolio?
  4. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter

    Thank you :)

    I've put together my certificates from the OU courses I've done, my First Aid certificate I recently got, some feedback from essays I've written and also a sample of some cards that the children made me when I left the school I volunteered at (do you think that's suitable)?
  5. Some statements/references from your voluntary placements detailing the tasks you were involved in and how you supported the pupils.
  6. maggieDD

    maggieDD New commenter

    I got the job!! :)
  7. Congratulations![​IMG]

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