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really happy, in fact over-joyed but....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by luvinit, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I started at a new school in January - I love it even tho it is really tough. When I joined I took a pay-cut to work with someone I consider to be an inspirational head (who joined the school in September to turn it around) - and I don't regret a thing. Now I have to get a bit circumspect...I know one of the other teachers at the school really really well and respect(ed) her a lot. She currently holds the position in the school which I held in my previous school. I have been very upset by the way that she handles her role in the school, as this is not the person which I knew and I find her attitude to be very destructive.
    She hates the head and fights constantly with all of the SLT - to the point of screaming at each other in the corridors in front of the children. The head came to me today and offered me a promotion which basically means that I get her job and she is moved sideways. It is my dream job and I am over the moon to be given this role...but of course I feel incredibly guilty about my friends position.
    She will be told about this on Monday and the changes take effect after Easter. I love her dearly and feel guilty but also really really excited.
    No real questions just needed to put it all (sort of ish) in writing to understand how I feel.

  2. inq


    Congratulations on getting your dream job!
    If the head is as good as you imply I'm sure they will be able to make your friend feel that sideways move is good for her and she'll be grateful, as your friend hopefully she'll be pleased for you. At the end of the day it wasn't your decision.
    Good luck.
  3. Thank you - I was starting to feel guilty and especially guilty about feeling good...
  4. Fierygirl

    Fierygirl New commenter

    Go for it and be fantastic - your friend will probably find that a different role suits her better. If this one is changing her as much as you say then it's clearly not for her.
  5. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Your mate isn't coping. SHe will probably also see the benefit once the dust has settled. You can feel pleased for her too.
  6. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    wish someone would move me sideways out of the class I am in lol
    they are a bunch of little so and sos!
  7. Yes, I agree.Whether she realises it or not, to get to the point at work where you are screaming and shouting at somebody - and obviously have personal problems with those above you - is really a bad situation. We all dislike the way in which certain people go about things at work, but we don't shout and scream about it. She seems very stressed. Do you know her well enough to ascertain whether this attitude is symptomatic of stress/anxiety/pressure? Whether or not you do, I'm sure your head has seen her behaviour, as have the other SLT. You seem to be well supported. These things happen. You didn't ask to usurp her. Enjoy your moment. You did nothing wrong. You've clearly done everything right and it has been recognised.

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