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Really good musicals for Y5/6

Discussion in 'Primary' started by star9, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. star9

    star9 New commenter

    Has anyone done anything good recently?
    We have done Joseph, Bugsy Malone, The Rocky Monster show in recent years and are looking for something for this year.
    We need something that is longer than most Golden Apple stuff - 2 halves of about 45 mins each at least.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    where did you get bugsy and joseph from? i have been trying to find somewhere that does them! last year we did cinderella and rockerfella from out of the ark. was brilliant!!
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  4. star9

    star9 New commenter

    Anyone else done anything recently?

    How long were the out of the ark ones?
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  6. we've just done Olivia - a take on Oliver with loads of different Dickens characters embedded along the way and that was an hour and a half at a push. It all came from musiclinedirect.com or .co.uk I can't remember which but they have loads of different plays for you to take a look at. x
  7. you can look at a sample script and hear the music as well before you buy, which was a bonus for us when picking which play to do! x
  8. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    ooh i was looking at olivia for the summer. could bits be cut out to make it shorter? do the songs lend themselves to other classes taking them on? the way it works in our school is year five and six have main acting roles and all other year groups take a sog each where they are on stage to act out or dance to etc. any hints?
  9. there are bits that can be cut out but they are the main bits that another year group could do, so it is a bit of a catch 22! a lot of the songs are 'multi-layered' (I have no idea what the official musical term is!!) so that would be quite good to do with a year group and there are a lot of solos for the more confident year 5/6s.
    off the top of my head the first song in the first scene Orphans would be good for one year group - another song is sung in that scene called Slop which could incorporate the same children or different.....I want to be a lady would be nice for a little group to be dancing around behind the soloist - Good Times needs a gang for Artful Dodger and Fagin so children can join in then, Let's Go To The Opera is another good one to have lots of dancing in, Charity Rag we had looooads of children on stage acting as the crowd doing different dance movements and actions. There's a scene which is part of a play that Dodger and Olivia perform in (it does get a bit woolly around that stage!) but that was another good one to have lots of children on the stage as the jury and the theatre-goers. It is a good play - it's all set out properly with stage directions, prop ideas, lighting and everything all sorted so didn't take too much work, though there is quite a lot of very large speaking parts - we split Olivia, Eliza and Dodger into two but in hindsight the Flower Girls and Annie need to be your best actresses as they need comic timing and have a lot of one-liners to learn! Hope that helps if you need any more ideas let me know! xx
  10. I did 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' in July with my lovely year six class-it's a musical from Musicline and everyone loved it! Plenty of characters,catchy songs,funny bits. . . Was really good fun. Like another poster mentions,you can preview a section of the script and listen to a sample of the songs. Happy choosing!

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