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Really good moodle sites

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mprcomp, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any URL's of any secondary school's who have great Moodle sites which you can gain access to ?

    Many Thanks

  2. Does anyone have any URL's of any secondary school's who have great Moodle sites which you can gain access to ?

    Many Thanks

  3. Good question but the system for all moodles seems to be that unless you are one of their users you can't get past the first page.

    Great for helping the rest of us to learn

  4. I could give you a guest account for a time to our site.

    What exactly do you want to do?

    Leave your contact details and I'll get back to you.
  5. Extremely small:
    Good question but the system for all moodles seems to be that unless you are one of their users you can't get past the first page.

    That isn't the case for all Moodle sites - it depends how they have been setup. I would imagine most Moodle sites at schools have been setup by individual departments looking to extend their online materials. The one we setup is fully open - mainly because we haven't setup student user accounts so get students to use the entire thing as a guest.
  6. I appreciate your frustration but, seeing as how our entire school uses the VLE (virtually all subjects and lots of admin) and there is lots and lots of pupil data in there* it is completely out of the question to open the front doors. We can treat the VLE as an Intranet rather than a website.

    As I've said on lots and lots of occasions, people are more than welcome to email me for a temporary guest account.

    There are also lots of open moodle sites out there, many exemplar ones that will even allow you admin access. I don;t have any bookmarked but a post at the Moodle.org forums ought to help considerably.

    *not all of the data is hidden - you can see the names of other participants in the course, quiz results in order, that kind of stuff. Fine when I can track a couple of people's logs but no good for open access. I'd love to see the anonymous spam and abuse on the forums as well!
  7. chrisryall

    chrisryall New commenter

    A lot of our content is open for you to view at www.gcus.net

    - but I wouldn't class it as a really good example of Moodle, there are too many courses with out of date, or infrequently used, content. We are still toddling along over 3 years of use.

    The restricted content is mainly to protect paid for resources we have incorporated. If you need deeper access just email me, chris@ryall.info
  8. temporary accounts

    prb at trinity.cumbria.sch.uk

    Many Thanks

  9. There are a range of access options with Moodle - ours is mostly open access to view - but you won't be able to post on forums etc:

  10. Hi
    You can login as guest and view our entire Moodle site at www.devel.digitalapplications.co.uk. ICT Education Online produced DiDA materials within Moodle but after a disappointing year have decided to "shut up shop". This is not really a sales pitch but more of an invitation to take our materials at a knock-down price. Our offer ends on 24 June 2007. However, before we go, you can buy each of our Units for only £100 or all four Units for £300. We have been writing and more recently publishing successfully for 20 years and have really "enjoyed the ride". I have to say that the campaign by NWLG has had something to do with a disappointing year.
    Anyway, you can login as guest at www.devel.digitalapplications.co.uk and view all the materials. If you think they might be useful in your Moodle setup, let me know.
    Best wishes
    Geoff Knott (07784 896751)
    ICT Education Online Ltd
  11. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    #6 - Nice design of site Chris, I particularly like the fact you've used Moodle as the front end. This is something we're struggling with the deign of at the present time.

  12. olc


  13. I would like to think that ours is rather good! We are into our 6th year now so have been through a few stages. We plan to go over to Moodle 2.0 in September with a new theme.
    Helen Bound
    e-learning development Officer
  14. The site looks good, although maybe the frontpage is a bit busy. A VLE is only as good as the content on it, I couldn't see any of the ICT stuff so cannot really comment:(
    I have posted a link to one of my courses on our VLE ( which does allow guest access) , not all courses are this detailed but being closed for snow for a full week last January certainly motivated other staff to use it in more detail.

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