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Really confused about nursery furniture...can anyone help??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cath1980, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Hi, I really want to start getting baby's room in some sort of order as currently resembles a warehouse..(most brought by grandparents!!) There is a fitted wardrobe in the room (hanging space but no shelves) and I wanted to buy a chest of drawers for clothes etc but am shocked at the price of them...even the discount baby shops/argos/ikea are very expensive....Can anyone tell me what they have brought and where from and whether looking for a lower price is just wishful thinking? My husband has enjoyed buying the cot, pushchair etc but is switching off when comes to furniture so I am unsure what to spend!!
    Thanks xx
  2. My mum is getting rid of a wardrobe and chest of drawers so we are having them. (just going to paint them) I was going to suggest try ebay too or the auctions! You can sometimes get some cheap stuff.
  3. You could also try NetMums.com - they have a free section and nearly new section too. We bought a nursing chair for £60 and pleased with our mini-bargain.
    We went to IKEA for hanging net things to store clothes. We were also lucky to get some hand me downs from friends and family but bargains can be had online..
    good luck
  4. Storing clothes!?!? I meant toys!!
    sorry, am blaming it on baby brain x
  5. We ended up using a bookcase we already had and bought 4 canvas storage boxes (B&Q I think) to put spare clothes in. It's worked really well as I was able to split the clothes according to size and have a box for each along with anything he currently fits in on a small hanging rail (once a bookshelf but with the shelves removed and a rail put in along the top instead!)
  6. Hello,

    <font size="3">It's all very exciting and confusing isn't it?? I have a friend who has spent over a grand on brand new nursery furniture not to mention all the other stuff and it made me go the other way .. Soooo...after the 20 week scan, I had a mad rush of energy and went for it with preparing the nursery. </font><font size="3">I bought a nearly new white wooden cot from ebay for &pound;45 and then a new mattress for &pound;30. A tall boy from a red cross shop for &pound;50 (which is ace because it has a low hanging rack with plenty of space underneath it for a box of other stuff but also has draws too!) which we painted white and now looks lovely. I've got a changing mat from asda which I will put on top of this weird flat wooden thing that pokes out in the box room because that's were the hall reaches up to??? (its a great height for me kneeling in front of though). </font><font size="3">We've also got an old woven storage box that I've painted white that I am going to put blankets in at the bottom of the cot. The room is fairly small and its full now, but I think it should be enough storage. I think it looks lovely and I am so chuffed that I havent wasted maternity leave money on it, so I can stay off a few weeks longer with baby!!!</font><font size="3">Good luck!</font>
  7. I second the eBay call - we got a rocking cot second hand for &pound;22 off there last week!
  8. everything with "baby" or "nursery" put on its name automatically seems to double or treble the price.
    i'm not going to have a wardrobe (i mean what wont fit in a drawer!?) and my mum inherited some cheap chests of drawers in 1994 which she passed onto me - they are now going in the baby's room for storing his clothes and stuff. i'm buying a second hand cot bed (new mattress) and that's all i'm spending on the "nursery".
  9. hit post before adding:
    ebay, gumtree, preloved, netmums and freecycle are all great places to look for cheap (or free in the case of freecycle) stuff and then there's the adds in your local supermarket which often have some adverts for unwanted furniture.
  10. We already had a fitted wardrobe space in the bedroom which I made a curtain to go across that matched the curtains at window, picked up chest of drawers in second hand shop for &pound;50. Then bought a cot and used a cot top changer (which was &pound;40) for changing her on while she was in her basket. Now she's moved into the cot, we have cot top changer on top of the chest of drawers. This set up seems to work very well for us. I did pay quite a lot for her cot and mattress (nice spung/coir one) but wanted to make sure she had a nice comfy bed!
  11. Hi,

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