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'Real' Literacy linked to Henry VIII

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bethcrossland, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. We are starting the Tudors this half term and I am trying to link my literacy to our topic work.
    In the past, the best literacy for me has been when it's been something 'real' (Writing for Real) where there is a real purpose to the writing.
    My last literacy topic was about selling a house, we wrote letters, house brochures after visiting a house for sale, information booklets etc all based on being estate agents and the chn loved it and produced some excellent work.
    I'd like to do something 'real' again for this topic, but I am struggling with ideas. Ideally need to link to playscripts at some point.
    Does anyone have any great literacy or cross curricular ideas for use with Henry VIII?
  2. I did podcasts live from anne boleyn's execution. We watched bbc's 'the tudors' (suitably edited of course), then planned our scripts to really focus on atmosphere, suspense and viewpoint. We then recorded out performances using digital microphones and uploaded them to our school website. It was fantastic and even EAL kids could access it.

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