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Real life TES bookclub- London

Discussion in 'Book club' started by yapyap, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Is there one? Should there be? Would anyone be interested?
  2. Is there one? Should there be? Would anyone be interested?
  3. Hi,

    I would possibly be interested - I live in Essex.
  4. Seems like it would only be us then love, and I'm right dahn in sarf lahndan, so it might not be worth the journey between us!! Never mind - twas just a thought!Thanks for replying though!x
  5. I'm in South London too and would love it!
  6. I am in North West London. I would be happy to travel anywhere in London on a weekend but don't like travelling alone on the tube late at night.
  7. oooh - we're gathering strength here peeps - central Londonish is probably a useful place...let's give us a bump and see if anyone else is thinking it....
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I'm in SW London.
  9. Hey as a loner in Essex, I would be happy to come to London, but not late at night when on my own. x

  10. Maybe we should start deciding what to read and roughly when by?
  11. Sounds good to me. What do you fancy reading?
  12. Please can I join too? I'm in SW London. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions yet for the first book though!
  13. Of course Gingersnap! The more the merrier! Now, I haven't read 'One Day' yet, but I bet everyone else has?
  14. I can't join my self - I'm in Cornwall! But maybe this list would be a place to start?


    It's the world book night top 100 as voted by the readers :)
  15. yapyap I have read One Day but that is fine because I can still join in the discussion when we all meet.
  16. I haven't read One Day yet. Amazingly I have just heard of it recently. I would be happy to read it.
    I have started reading The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas which looks like it will be interesting.
    Other books i have had recommended to me are
    Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman.
    The Clothes on their Backs by Linda Grant
    Off shore by Penelope Fitzgerald
    The Accidental by Ali Smith.
    I haven't read anything by Ali Smith yet but apparently she is realy worth reading.
  17. I haven't read One Day yet either. I have heard lots of good things about it though so am definitely happy to read it now. I'm going to scour the local charity shops tomorrow for a cheapie copy!
  18. Then, do we have an accord? Will 'One Day' be our opening gambit? :)
  19. Let's go for it! One Day it is. Now all we have to do is fix a meet date! :)

  20. Ok by me. I am off to Europe for 3 weeks so would rather it was October 15 or 16 or in half term break.

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