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Readwrite inc

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by lisahanson1, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. lisahanson1

    lisahanson1 New commenter

    I'm struggling with this despite attending two days of very jumbled training. I'm supposed to be teaching set one sounds, moving onto set two shortly, and following the 3 day plan.
    I'm not sure what to do for the hold a sentence part on day one. Any help appreciated!
    I do have the manuals but i cant get things clear in my head- the two book guide system seems to have myself and colleagues in a muddle.

  2. I was exactly the same, there was just too much to take in
    during the training days! I’ve only been teaching RWI for a couple of months so
    I’m still really shaky. I haven’t taught set one sounds so I don’t know how the
    plan or hold a sentence looks but I’m teaching set two at the minute and for
    the hold a sentence part I just introduce the sentence to the children and
    repeat it quite a few times until they can say it without any help. We usually
    say it in different voices (whisper, robot, squeaky etc) it seems to help them
    remember it. Then get the children to write this sentence in their books and when
    they are finished write it on the board with the children helping with
    spelling, punctuation, capitals etc. Or you could write it on the board first
    so they can see how it should look then cover it up and get the children to
    write in their books (I usually do it this way). Just use lots of expression and
    praise, I’ve also made up a few little games to review sounds and help with
    spelling and reading. Hope this helps but as I say teaching set one sounds might
    be quite different to teaching set two sounds.</font>

  3. lisahanson1

    lisahanson1 New commenter

    Thanks for your response Helen,
    What you're doing sounds familiar- so that is exactly what i shall do.

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