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Reading SATs Test 2016

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bramallblade, May 9, 2016.

  1. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

    Agreed, it's a triumph. I think we're all working beyond expectations to be up at this time! Marking overload. System failure imminent.:eek:
  2. ProfSnape934

    ProfSnape934 New commenter

    Indeed...but maybe just one more example of a relative clause, hidden in a sentence on tomorrows slides for the poor devils to find....
  3. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

    Heh heh. My Y5's are writing the panic part of their stories, quite apt considering today's debarcle. I won't terrorise them with creating their own maniacal, dictator to go with it. Morgan and Gibb should do fine there.
  4. caza.1970

    caza.1970 New commenter

  5. Haveblue

    Haveblue New commenter

    So what happens now?
  6. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

  7. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

    Well...There's maths arithmetic and problem solving still to **** up.
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  8. ProfSnape934

    ProfSnape934 New commenter

    I believe you would have a case if they actually meant something in terms of denying opportunities to your son. The fact is that they only have an implication for the school. The days of the 11+ and grades gained in primary schools deciding entry to secondary schools are largely banished, except in N Ireland, parts of Kent and other recumbent parts of the land. The current hike in educational targets is a political tool to undermine the educational status quo of the realm. Schools with poor results and LA's with poor averages across their schools will now be subject to the inevitable scrutiny of Ofsted and then the implication of the revised 'Plan B from Planet Academisation' As today has show with Reading Paper May 2016 vs Reading Sample Paper 2105, what the DfE is showing with one hand isn't what they are hitting with in the other. Rather than focusing on the SATs, you and other parents should be challenging the curriculum. I and fellow colleagues went on strike over these changes, but there was little ground-swell from the general public to prevent its legislation. These SATs are born from that egg. If you could prove that what is now 'at expectation' is disproportionately excessive than what was expected previously then your case for discrimination (causing hardship through anxiety and stress) could be justified, not just for your son but everyone's sons and daughters.
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  9. ProfSnape934

    ProfSnape934 New commenter

    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  10. ProfSnape934

    ProfSnape934 New commenter

    spongebob 1.gif
    How Headteachers who downloaded the leaked SATs KS2 spelling questions are feeling right now, or when they wake up.
  11. jnet51

    jnet51 New commenter

    The state my LA kids were in yesterday, I doubt the even having the answers in front of them would make much difference - they are now despondent and think they 'can't'. Like many others (I too have read every comment), it has taken me a long, long time to build up their confidence and self esteem - they are lovely, sparky kids from tough backgrounds - can't blame them for being downhearted - just hope they all turn up today (or maybe I hope they all take the day off) - whatever, can't see us making floor - awaiting Ofsted, expecting the worst - stuffed- shafted - suffocating
  12. badgeml

    badgeml New commenter

    Wish we could get the kids to fill in the front page close it up and send off the papers. We wouldn't be breaking any rules we would allow the children the time to do the test if we wanted but we would encourage them not to answer the questions. We could all carry on teaching the important stuff in life. We shouldn't be conforming with this test. We should make a stand as a profession for the sake of not only the children, but the teachers as well. Remember all of those involved you couldn't have done any more than what you have done. Also don't forget 4 years worth of new curriculum that is being crammed into 2. You are just a political football nothing more nothing less.
  13. bramallblade

    bramallblade New commenter

    I can't believe this thread I started has nearly 68,000 views. Crazy. Just shows the strength of feeling.
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  14. jamesjoyce2

    jamesjoyce2 New commenter

    'recumbent parts of the land'? Really? Perhaps you should be reminded that the exam results in Northern Ireland are among the highest in the UK. They significantly outperform England every year.
  15. Bakewelltart2002

    Bakewelltart2002 New commenter

    I wonder how parents will react to the news today when school starts shortly. Perversely, our children look forward to the 'PaG' - though not the spelling! Good luck to all today!
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  16. triumphgibbo

    triumphgibbo New commenter

    My year 6 class and feelings mirror exactly everything mentioned already, but what can we ACTUALLY do about this?

    Clearly, any previous action has had no measurable effect on their onslaught, and we're just one step behind the Junior doctor's situation with J****y C***.

    So what's the plan? I don't want to leave my job, I love teaching, and I care about the children I'm helping to turn into actual, nice, productive humans. However, there is a point at which every good teacher leaves, and we're left with unqualified ambivalent adults doing it for the holiday.
  17. lisa45123

    lisa45123 New commenter

    Post deleted at user's request
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2016
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  18. Mum69

    Mum69 New commenter

    As a mother of a son, who is a Primary Teacher in training (1st year), I have signed. I totally agree, how can someone dictate something when they have no knowledge or experience of a profession in the first place, same applies to health?
  19. pseeman

    pseeman New commenter

    Lisa, there is, and has been, a huge disconnect between the primary and secondary sectors. I have never met a primary teacher who has not wanted and strived for every child to achieve a good standard of literacy for their children when they leave primary school. Primary schools are full of phonics schemes, accelerated reading programmes, guided reading, etc, etc. What holds these children back, frankly, is usually a lack of reading support at home (working parents not having time to hear readers regularly, lack of books in the house, too much screen time) or other speech and language/SPLD issues. More and more children are starting school with speech and language issues which have to be overcome before much learning can happen effectively.
    The reading test was simply a massive challenge for the huge majority of children, including many high fliers who read, infer and deduce, etc to a high level. The subject matter and levels of the questions used required a high level of 'life experience' and wide and varied reading experience to answer and access. The test itself in the time given was too big to finish.
    I hope as an experienced secondary English teacher that you have spent time working with primary colleagues through shared INSET/moderation/transition activities, to gain a full understanding of what goes on in primary schools. I am married to a secondary teacher, and have mixed socially with many - and many of the comments re primary education which I have heard from those (who do not know I work in primary) are founded in ignorance and prejudice - from a variety of schools she has worked in.
    Your admittance that secondary colleagues do not have the time or flexibility to 're-teach' the skills I find staggering - but I recognise. Secondary syllabuses have always been too content-focused without the reinforcement of key skills for a long time which have let those standards slip. Nevertheless, there has also been a lack of support/value generally for Years 7 and 8.
    The fact remains that children on SEND registers show a majority of SLCN in EYFS/KS1; Literacy in KS2 and Behaviour in KS3/4 - and these are often the SAME children.
    I apologise if this has been a bit too generalised; but if we need more children to leave primary with a higher standard of literacy, the answer is NOT a ridiculous test and expectation. It is about setting a clear, achievable and relevant standard, in discussion with primary and secondary colleagues who have experience and knowledge of both sectors, and supporting schools to support children to ensure the vast majority of children in mainstream education achieve it; but it is also about secondary colleagues reinforcing key skills better, and supporting LAPs in KS3 more successfully, earlier, with the appropriate resource and expertise to do it.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2016
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  20. bramallblade

    bramallblade New commenter

    I can only echo what has been said above. This assessment was an utter disgrace. Primary teachers have no problem with challenge. However, this test was quite simply too complex for the vast majority of children (including HA chn) to complete in the time set. The questions posed were rooted in vocabulary knowledge. It is impossible to teach vocabulary in this sense. It would be guess work on the teachers part to know what to teach. Therefore, this test was, at best, grossly unfair and at worst, discriminatory.

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