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Reading SATs Test 2016

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bramallblade, May 9, 2016.

  1. bramallblade

    bramallblade New commenter

    Woah. That was bloody tough.

    I can't believe how many of my kids didn't even manage to finish the paper. The texts weren't so bad but the questions and the wording of them (vocabulary etc) was like something I have never seen before. I'm staggered.

    Fearing the worst.
  2. Northhead

    Northhead Occasional commenter

    I can only echo what was said above above. The level of the texts seemed fine but the questions- jeez. A definite and significant step-up from the old papers.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Remember folks not to discuss anything too specific when replying here. Though both replies so far will probably be alright as it's 'nice and vague'. How's that for a true use of the word 'nice' so often abhorred by English specialists!
    There is a blanket on info for a certain time- think it's about a week?
  4. Mr Holland

    Mr Holland New commenter

    This isn't to discuss any specifics, more to just remind all that it was always going to look and 'feel' difficult because it wasn't a traditional 3-5 paper. People here (and by that I mean here in my school) have gone immediately to what a disaster it all was, but there were questions today which traditionally would have been in the lv 6 paper and therefore look horrendous in a paper being sat by all children. I'm going to remain optimistic till we see how these will be marked.
    Lara mfl 05 likes this.
  5. Northhead

    Northhead Occasional commenter

    Yes a week after each paper to allow for timetable variations.
  6. Northhead

    Northhead Occasional commenter

    Yes, a week after each test to allow for authorised timetable variations.
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  7. WB

    WB Lead commenter

    Another one just echoing what has already been said. Only my more ale children finished the test but it's comforting to hear others had the same issue!
  8. WB

    WB Lead commenter

    I mean "more able" not "more ale" children. Make up your own joke.
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  9. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Ridiculous. Very difficult. The 'easy' text was harder than the most difficult ones of previous years. The nuances and depth of language across the texts baffled many.

    A very divisive test. Those with EAL and those for whom high quality language isn't present at home utterly floundered.
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    SportyK, luv2teach6 and jimmyrid like this.
  10. davidbrownsword

    davidbrownsword New commenter

    We totally agree with everything written above. This was no test for average ability children. What a way to demoralise children who have worked so hard in preparation.
  11. sarah292

    sarah292 New commenter

    A ridiculous paper and demoralising for so many children who have worked so hard this year.
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  12. TheGazMan

    TheGazMan New commenter

    That was incredibly difficult. So much inference of vocabularly. What upsets me the most is that this was nothing like the sample paper. The difference in difficulty couldn't have been any further apart.
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  13. sarah292

    sarah292 New commenter

    I thought that too!
    Northhead likes this.
  14. bramallblade

    bramallblade New commenter

    I am relieved that all the replies are finding what I found. I am staggered at the complexity of the questions even on the first text. Utterly staggered.

    This paper was a total disgrace.
    luv2teach6 and Northhead like this.
  15. tedhat

    tedhat Occasional commenter

    Completely agree. Had one poor girl in tears, another with a stress-induced nosebleed during the test, and myself and the Head can't even agree on one answer ... so what hope for the children? A bit grim and unfair but, as others say, the clear inclusion of Level 6 style questions must surely mean there's hope yet - will be very interesting to see the thresholds in July! Now keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow which is the one I'm probably the most worried about!
  16. Bakewelltart2002

    Bakewelltart2002 New commenter

    So glad we are not alone, so many didn't finish the paper, we watched others give up. Was soul destroying for so many of them.
  17. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    That was, without doubt, the hardest reading test I've ever seen. Unbelievable. I'm so angry right now.

    That has completely demoralised a number of children in my class. It wasn't even like the sample paper they released. Much harder.

    It's comforting to at least see everyone else found it hard, but we really should feel like that. Thinking back to previous years and threads of this nature, there is usually a fairly even split in terms of who found it tricky. This year, we all seem to agree!

    Jesmond12 and Lara mfl 05 like this.
  18. Benbamboo

    Benbamboo Occasional commenter

    We had a fair few children not finish the paper and some who didn't even make it on to the third text. I thought the majority of questions were reasonably fair, with the occasional random question with dubious wording. One in particular really bugged me which I'll share after the 20th.

    The main problem was the length of the paper. Very difficult to read through all three texts properly and answer the questions in time.

    In fairness, there was a good chunk of marks to pick up on the first two texts. I did approve of the mark distribution.
  19. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    If you had a fair few children not finish the paper, I don't really see how it was 'fair'.
  20. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! Ours really struggled just to access the level of vocabulary in the questions, let alone find the answers in the booklet intime
    JCA_1989 likes this.

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