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Reading record comment bank

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bettyboop82, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    Would anyone be kind enough to share the comments they write in Reception/Y1 children's reading records (the ones that both parents and children write in)after hearing them read. I feel that i am writing the same comments and would appreciate some inspiration! My comments usually consist of...
    'x read well today'
    'x tried hard today'
    'x used initial sounds and picture clues well'
    'x tried hard to sound out new words today'
    'x needs a little more practice with this book'
    'x really enjoyed this book'
    'x could answer questions about the book'
    'x read with expression today'
    'x read this book confidently today'
    'x read with good pace and fluency'
    My TA's comments are even more monotonous and so am planning on sticking a comment bank in the front of my reading folder for when she hears readers, I would appreciate any help!
  2. I have just been to a meeting where we were discussing comments in reading record books. We all agreed that the comments need to be linked to assessment eg: Ben is able to sound out simple CVC words in this book or Jemma talked was able to retell the story using her voice to be the characters.
    We thought you could then use the reading record as part of your evidence towards scale points.
    We said that if you tried for one 'I enjoyed listening to Helen read' comment and then one more specific comment each week that would give you the best type of evidence. You could also add comments that ask parents to look for specific comments.
  3. teacherof30

    teacherof30 New commenter


    Have a look at this guided reading document. the EYFS/pink/red band books have some good focus points which you could accommodate in comments to parents.

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