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Reading prep for PGCE?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Reicheru, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    Buy them secondhand off amazon sellers or ebay. That's what I did with mine. Got some of them for half price.
  2. leadlearner

    leadlearner New commenter

    My local council library had copies of 'How to be an Amazing Teacher' and I read a copy of 'Bill Rogers 'You know the fair rule' from one and there were others on Behaviour. Yes they might only stock the big names, but you can get general teaching books from Council libraries, although you may need to order them within the library. They won't have yr tutor's latest book, or obscure books but they will have the commerical best sellers. Or if you know a few people on a course maybe you could buy one each and swop and then sell them afterwards[​IMG]?
  3. [​IMG] that made me laugh. I completed an MSc about 5 years ago - tutors always trying to flog their books to justify the deforestation required to produce them.
  4. Thanks everyone, I will certainly be buying them second hand off Amazon...thanks for that idea! [​IMG]

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