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Reading paper mark scheme

Discussion in 'Primary' started by redladybird, May 7, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have a copy of the teacher mark scheme for the Year 4 reading paper 'In touch with Nature' ? I think it is from 1999? I have managed to find the levels but despite searching can not locate a mark book. Any help would be fantastic.
    Thanks very much
  2. inq


    1 the city
    2 in the countryside
    3 faraway
    4 carpentry
    5 bird table
    6 small magpie
    Up to 6 marks

    police sirens
    dog barking
    television (next door)

    1 mark
    b Focus of question: retrieval of detail

    1 mark

    1 mark

    b Focus of question: inferring character’s feelings

    Yes, Carla did feel better because Grandad told her she would follow her father’s footsteps and that she was just like him.
    I think she felt a bit better because her Grandad told her that everyone is good at something but Grandad was far away and couldn’t change what it was like at school

    Yes, because her Dad is able to make wonderful things now.
    No, because her Dad hated school and so did Carla.
    Yes, because everyone can do something well.
    Just remember that.

    Up to 2 marks

    9 Focus of question: finding textual evidence.

    muddy and grey
    1 mark

    10 Focus of question: explaining imagery

    the whiteness of the snow resembling the pages of a book
    the footprints resembling the words/telling the story of the night before.</font>

    it tells you the whole story of the night before because you can read the words of the animal footprints
    because the words are the prints in the snow, which looks as white as paper in a book

    because of the snow the woods are as white as anything and a book is white too
    because it tells you a story of the night before, if you know how to read it

    because the whiteness of the woods is like the pages of a book

    Up to 2 marks

    For example:
    there are lots of animals in the country but none in the city
    the snow in the country is lovely but the snow in the city is slushy
    the city is very dirty but the countryside is clean and quiet
    the difference is that you could see the animal footprints in the countryside as there is nobody there but so many people use the streets in the city that you can't see the snow

    the country is quieter and less busy the city is very noisy and dirty

    the country is magical in the snow and the city is just muddy and grey
    Up to 2 marks

    she was upset that he may not love her any more lonely and sad that he'd forgotten her
    it tells you that she was feeling worried because he might have died
    she was worried/concerned/anxious
    I think she wrote this because she didn't think it was fair that he hadn't written back and she didn't know what had happened to him

    she was sad
    1 mark

    For example:
    it shows that Grandad must care a lot about Carla because he doesn't want her to worry about him even when he is ill he knows she worries about him when he doesn't write and he wants to make her feel better

    <font face="Times New Roman">he loves her/he doesn&rsquo;t want her to worry (without an explanation)</font> 1 mark

    14 a Focus of question: retrieval of detail

    Up to 2 marks

    b Focus of question: inferring feelings and motivation

    because they missed each other and wanted to share things so that they felt closer
    because they love each other and they both understand each other and it made them feel closer to each other
    they did it because they were both so special to each other and so were the secrets they shared

    because they love/trust each other
    because they were both lonely and needed to share them with someone
    because they cared so much about each other
    Up to 2 marks

    15 a Focus of question: overview of song and story

    1 mark

    b Focus of question: understanding of theme

    because some of the things in the song match with things that happen in Carla's and Grandad's life
    it makes you understand it better because events hat happen in the story are first of all given in he song

    because the song was related to events in the story
    because the song says even for a secret and Grandad and Carla shared their secrets
    when Carla&rsquo;s baby brother was born her Grandad saw four magpies - Four for a Boy
    1 mark

    16 Focus of question: inferring characters&rsquo; feelings

    keep in touch, share news, tell secrets, ask and answer each other questions (as if in conversation), share their thoughts and feelings.

    because they could share their secrets and talk about the things that were happening in their lives
    the letters made them feel close because they wrote emotional things and asked questions about lots of things
    the letters let Carla and her Grandad know what each other was doing and let them share secrets as if they were living next to each other

    they can tell each other secrets
    they can ask each other what&rsquo;s been happening
    Up to 2 marks

    it helps you to see events from two points of view
    it shows you that the characters don't understand each other
    it persuades you to agree with the characters
    1 mark
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font><font face="Times New Roman"> </font>

    1 mark

    2 Focus of question: retrieval of information

    1 mark

    3 a Focus of question: retrieval of information

    Instead of using glue, he uses the early morning dew or frost. instead of using nails or pins, he uses thorns because the dew and frost are wet
    he uses them to stick things together and the thorns have sharp edges so he won't have to use sticky tape
    he uses them to stick things together
    he uses them as glues
    Andy Goldsworthy uses them to hold the patterns he has made together
    he uses them to make his sculptures
    1 mark

    b Focus of question: inference/understanding of theme

    he uses them so that he can work with nature and not use man-made things
    instead of using glues, nails and things, he uses dew, frost and thorns because they are all natural because all of his sculptures are natural and he doesn&rsquo;t want to use anything that might cause damage

    so that he doesn&rsquo;t damage anything
    because he is an environmental sculptor
    because you don&rsquo;t get glue and nails in forests
    Up to 2 marks

    4 Focus of question: author&rsquo;s choice of language

    because the things he makes are all natural and are all found in natural places
    because all of his ideas and the things he uses come from nature

    because he works with nature
    because he loves nature and natural things
    because he likes making things from nature

    because he is inspired by nature
    Up to 2 marks

    the writer prefers the work of other artists
    the writer admires Andy Goldsworthy and his work
    the writer likes Andy Goldsworthy but not his sculptures
    the writer thinks Andy Goldsworthy should be more grown-up
    1 mark

    it is the kind of thing lots of people might have done and so it helps you to understand what Goldsworthy does
    the writer wants to try and make the reader think about environmental sculpture for themselves

    to make you think
    because lots of people have actually done that
    Up to 2 marks

    1 mark

    b Focus of question: features of text type Award 1 mark for any answer which implies that this information helps the reader to form a fuller picture of the artist/the person.

    because you might want to know more about him and his life so that you can do the same things that he did
    so that everybody can get a good idea of what kind of a man he really is and why he is so inspired by nature
    <font size="3"> </font> it tells you more about him as a real person
    because he has an interesting life and job
    it makes him seem like a more interesting person
    <font face="Times New Roman"> Do not accept</font> it makes the article more interesting
    <font face="Times New Roman">so you know more about him</font> 1 mark

    because if you pick living petals you will kill the plants. If you use petals that have fallen off the plant then you won't spoil the environment
    <font size="3"> </font> because if you take living ones then you are going to be damaging the flower and nature
    because you should only use natural materials which are fallen or dying so that you don&rsquo;t cause any harm

    because you can&rsquo;t use living things
    because then you don&rsquo;t kill the plant
    because environmental sculpture is about using dead things
    because you only use fallen or dying materials
    Up to 2 marks

    (take a) photograph
    (do a simple) drawing
    (write a) description
    1 mark

    b Focus of question: inference

    so that you will always have something to remind you of your sculpture
    because a photograph or picture will last forever

    1 mark

    yes, because I like making things, especially with nature and you don't have to pay for anything
    yes, because you don&rsquo;t spoil the environment and it would be fun
    yes, because it could be great to try using thorns for pins and dew for glue
    no, because I think it could be hard work and wouldn&rsquo;t like to get up hours before daylight every day

    no, because I am not into nature much
    no, because you would have to be in the cold all day
    yes, because I would like to create things like that

    <font face="Times New Roman"> Do not accept:</font> yes, because it&rsquo;s interesting
    yes, because I would like to be a sculptor myself
    Up to 2 marks
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font>
  3. Thank you so much, you are amazing! :) I never expected a response that quickly . Thanks for saving my weekend :)
  4. inq


    Is that all of it?
  5. Yes thanks :)
  6. I have been looking for this too. Thank you so much for posting!
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the children's answer booklet that I could take a copy of?
  8. I have this as a PDF if you would like a copy...
    Just email me on accaher@yahoo.com
  9. You absolute hero, been looking for this everywhere! Thanks!

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