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Reading in year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Phine83, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Phine83

    Phine83 New commenter


    I've started at a school who does guided reading in year 1 during grammar time. While I like doing reading while the others are engaged in something meaningful, I am not sure that guided reading is getting the best out of the kids or really doing much to improve their reading skills. In other schools I've worked at, GR is supplemented by one to one reading which I think is more effective.

    Just canvassing ideas/ opinions/ experiences of how you do reading in your school. Do you do specific reading comprehension? 1:1? What are your views of guided reading? Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

  2. gizmogruff

    gizmogruff New commenter

    In myinfant school we only do guided reading. In year 1 everyone reads for 15 mins. The teacher and TA have a guided group (the TA reads the same book the day after the teacher) the other groups rotate around reading the books in their bookbag, annuals/comics and topic books. We've just started simple comprehension activities that 1 group completed independently (VERY simple) before they read their annual/comic. It works well for us.
  3. rosepetal12

    rosepetal12 New commenter

    At our school we no longer do guided reading for two reasons. Firstly, each child gets to join a guided reading group only once per week for a short length of time and it's not enough. Secondly, we weren't convinced that the "other children" (the ones not in the group) were getting very much out of their independent work. Instead, we use whole-class reading sessions supplemented with one-to-one reading with the teacher, TA and volunteers.
  4. lala24

    lala24 Guest

    Getting Year 1 to read in a group is like herding ants. They're all doing different things, looking at different pages, some are engaging with the picture (as they should be) when you really need them to get on and read. The rest are picking their noses or sucking their thumbs and listening to the others like it's a bedtime story. It's absolutely hilarious, but can be done with lots of training. You might have a nervous breakdown in the processthough. In our school, 1:1 reading is more important, but takes up lots of precious TA time or lunch times. More valuable though.
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