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Reading in the Early Years.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by gems07, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Hi :)

    Just a quick question - I have an interview for a reception post soon. I will be an NQT and I have been asked to do a 10 minutes story (which must admit I don't feel is long enough!!) anyway, I don't really want to do a well known book as my interview is later on in the day and if they have asked all of the candidates to do the same it is more than likely they will already have been used.

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a different story where i could maybe lead a discussion giving children something to think about or predict the ending or something along those lines?

    Any help will be appreciated!!

    Gem. x
  2. Hi Gem, anything by Julia Donaldson is sure to be a winner - just steer clear of the most well know 'The Gruffalo!' I used 'Sharing a Shell' in an interview, as it raises the issues of working together, friendship etc. Good luck! Lou x
  3. Ah brilliant thanks - Ill be sure to have a look at Julia Donaldson! I'm just at a bit of loss for ideas of doing creative things, seeing as i've only got 10 minutes. For the hungry caterpillar though, I thought i could actually get caterpillars but then had the second thought of its a common story. But yeah thank you for your reply! Sharing a shell sounds good :) x
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    However, if you do a familiar story you can read it with the children joining in. And leave yourself time to do something fab as a linked activity. With an unfamiliar story you might spend the whole time reading and talking.

    I'd definitely turn up with caterpillars (ring the school first and check they are ok with it) to help tell the story.
  5. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    Not to sound like the voice of doom and gloom but my reception children have Hungry Caterpillar-ed themselves sensless all year. You may find that this is such a commonly used text and will limit how muych new learning you can introduce.
    However, since you have been given 10 minutes only, it may well be that the interviewing pannel are looking more for how well you engage the children, how confidently you deliver a story, how you manage behaviour during whole class sessions and how you use questioning to elicit children's knowledge and understanding of the story.
    If you are thinking of a Julia Donaldson story, I like The Smartest Giant in Town. Lots of opportunities for discussion surrounding size or sharing. As an extra selling point, you could leave some Giant outlines for the children to design a new set of clothes for George.
    Good luck
  6. Hi gems 07, Congrats on getting to interview. [​IMG]
    It might be useful to think about why the time for doing a story is only ten mins. With such a short time scale, they are looking at your classroom presence, interaction with class, and something that stands you from the rest of the candidates. If the children can be involved in learning even in that short amount of time, you will get the ticks in the boxes I am sure!!
    I see that you should think about 'how you do it' as opposed to 'what it is you do', if that makes sense! Ten mins is plenty enough time to use a story sack, a puppet, some key objects or word strips and actually get the children involved.
    If it was me I would have the class on the carpet, even in a circle and get down with them either on a low chair if there is one, or kneel. Get them 'hooked' in from the word go with the sack and reveal something that is in there. Get someone to reach in a pull something out, just make sure it is the prop that you want to come out first. Use this as a way to get the story and interest going.
    I reckon Dear Zoo, would be perfect. I know this is an easy story but that is actually all you need. Some children will already be familiar and will love being able to take part and guess.
    So the first item could be a very simple letter that you could show and say YOU wrote to the zoo to find a pet. I would not even use the book to tell the story but instead pull it out of the sack at the very end, just to show the class the book, that you can suggest enjoy sharing in class another different time.
    You could pull small soft toys out for each of the animals that were not suitable. Create tension by showing just a bit of the animal and children guessing what they sent you!! (checkout ebay for this sort of thing, there are lots of good sellers doing story sack packs and puppets.)
    REALLY emphasise the patterned language in the story and enjoy telling it. The repetition means that by the final animals you could have the children joining in with you saying " I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me a .... It was too .... so I sent it back!!! (more brownie points for the interaction!)
    With loads of enthusiam you will have the children engaged, enjoying it and 'telling a story' which is what Talk for writing is all about! Keep it pacy, and act surprised etc when you need to!!
    Practise until your confident, without the book and with the props. Shouldn't take long. Line up the animals along a table where they all can all see but cant fiddle. So that you can rest assured this part of the day is sorted! If there is a minute or two at the end you can share experiences of own pets in partners. Turn to your partner .... Listen in for one or two of the ideas and end by saying @ i really loved sharing this with you, what wonderful story tellers you all are, thankyou for behaving so well. And if you can see a points chart/marble in the jar pot etc in the room ..... tell the class you think they derve a stamp on the chart etc This will show you are aware of behaviour management and what they do at THAT school.

    I hope this gave some ideas that maybe you had not considered. Fingers crossed for you x

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