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Reading CPD (in school)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by morrisks, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. morrisks

    morrisks New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    Like lots of other schools I've chatted with, our children really struggled with the Sats reading paper this year. As such, we've had to reprioritise and we're now looking for someone to come in and deliver reading skills CPD to our staff team for either a full or half day training across KS1/2 in October.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or names of people I could contact? Want to hit the ground running and ensure we're in a very different position next May! We are based in Birmingham.

  2. sallylou

    sallylou New commenter

    We use http://bced.co.uk/about-us/
    Very good CPD for all of the English curriculum and a secure knowledge of assessments. Tameside based- not sure about them travelling but worth an email.
  3. PicInAttic

    PicInAttic New commenter

    We all trained in Inference Training about 18 months ago which has had a significant, positive impact on reading comprehension and SATs scores in our school.
    It's a programme that was developed by Tony Whatmuff and Leicestershire LA which focuses on teaching children explicit comprehension strategies such as visualising, spotting meaning breakdown and recovering, identifying important phrases etc. These are modelled, taught, reinforced until, for most children, they become automatic and embedded.
    The programme is designed for KS1 to KS3 and has whole class and group elements.
    It wasn't cheap - cash or time - but definitely something I'd recommend.

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