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Reading comprehension ideas

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by banana99, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently tutoring a 12 year boy with an asc. His reading level is at or just above his age group, and his decoding skills are really impressive. However, his comprehension is probably at year 2/3 level. I am looking for some schemes/programmes that would really motivate and not overwhelm him.
    He has just had an ed psych assessment and she suggests very simple text - one or two paragraphs to start with and gradually increasing in complexity.

    He seems to really enjoy programmes that offer a variety of learning styles, colouring being a big favourite (had great success with the kaleidoscope numeracy programme), and he responds really well to rhyming text.
    However, any ideas on what has worked for you would be really helpful. Lou
  2. Thanks for your replies - funnily enough he seems to like the school type stuff - as long as there is some sort of certificate
    when he's completed - which is easily done by me or parents - it's just finding the right one that incorporates a multi-sensory approach. I am making lots of my own materials for him, but it's taking up a huge amount of my time, so something off the shelf would be very useful.
    Thanks for the website link as well - the short text inferencing will be v. useful. Lou

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