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reading books in Reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by qualiteacher, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. qualiteacher

    qualiteacher New commenter

    Hello All, was just wondering - how do you organise your reading in Reception? How often do you hear children read in class? How often do you change/send books home? Do you ever send books home without hearing the children read them i.e. for higher ability readers who need extra challenges?
    Interested to read all your advice.
  2. EY_Teacher

    EY_Teacher New commenter

    We hear the children read 1:1 twice a week. In addition, I will start guided reading after Easter - once a week. The children get their books changed when they are ready to have them changed. So, for some it's twice a week, when we've heard them read. And for others, they may have their book for a week or even two weeks, if they've not read at home or aren't very confident. My school is big on Literacy - we have lots of pressure from KS1. If it were up to me, they wouldn't have a reading book to take home until the Summer Term in Reception!
  3. We explained that reading was developmental to parents and in the first term children would only start reading books when they were ready. However all children took home a library book. By the beginning of the Spring term, all children were taking home a 1:1 reading book, with the less able taking home JP finger phonic books or Floppy Phonics single sounds book. I suggest that children need to read a book twice before changing, either with parents or me, or once each. Children who are confident/parents I can trust, I let them change their books themselves, as often as they have read twice.I check book bags and change books on Monday and Friday. Some children have one book, some two. I try to read once a week. Parent helpers do daily readers and help me with general readers if I can't keep up. I have developed a system of shadowed reading. I read with one child with the next child at the same reading level watching, then the child who has finishes fetches the next child whilst I read with the child who has shadowed. A sort of BOGOF reader!
    Sometimes I do a 1:1 phonic session instead of reading and send home activities to support.
    I have just started guided reading once a week using Dandelion readers and this is working well. My methods are very effective, but it's not easy and I do worry about the 1:1 versus supporting children in CI play dilemma.
  4. We do guided reading twice a week with 2 groups (higher ability) and 1:1 reading twice at week for all the children. For those children who don't read much at home we aim to listen to them at least 3 times a week. It is very time consuming but the children's progress is worth the extra work. What really makes it worthwhile is that the children are always eager to come and read to an adult.
  5. We are supposed to manage a guided read every day with all children in groups, done either by the teacher or TA. We also target individually when children do not read regularly at home. Children can change home reading books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is decreed by our SLT but I personally feel that the children benefit more from individual reading in Reception.
  6. Have found this interesting to see how different schools manage their reading. We also aim to listen to individual readers twice weekly. I was just wondering how others structure this? i.e. do you do them all in one go/a few each day...do they have set reading days?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  7. hi I have 25 children and they are split equally into 5 groups - each group does GR with myself or NN once a week and we listen to 5 children per day on a 1:1 basis. I am trialling both myself and NN having a GR group each day - these sessions are no longer than 15 mins.
    Am wondering about using parents helpers to listen to readers individually? Do many schools use this option?

  8. EY_Teacher

    EY_Teacher New commenter

    I have two LSAs - they split the readers between the two of them on a Monday morning. That takes all morning. And on Friday we split them between the three of us and that takes all morning too. I change any books that need changing at lunchtime on those two days.
    I don't like having parent helpers in as, in the past, I have found that they're only in so that they can compare their child's progress to the progress of the rest of the children in the class.
  9. Hi
    I have 30 children split into 5 groups. Myself and my TA do a 10-15min guided read session daily with a group each. This means that each child is having 2 guided read sessions a week. After this, listen to a group (5 children) read their individual books. Therefore I hear every child read each week once with their reading book and once during guided read. We change books on a group rota system with each child having their books changed twice a week providing the reading diary has been signed by their parent. I have recently acquired a parent helper one afternoon a week and she listens to readers, (those which I feel are not reading regularly at home or require extra support).
  10. Goodness, so many different ways! At the moment, I aim to have each child heard at least twice a week by myself or my TA, with priority going to those that need it most when time is short - ones who are struggling or don't read at home. My policy is for even the most confident readers to read a book at least twice as consolidation, and I have stopped having parents changing books as I was finding it was becoming a bit of a race to see who was getting through the most, and some were also selecting books that were beyond their child's actual abilities, so when we heard them, they were really struggling. We fit hearing readers in to the day between activities, and I find the children are always willing to come and read. They also have library books which they choose themselves, which are intended for sharing rather than independent reading. I'm aiming to up our guided reading next term, too - it's been a bit hit or miss so far!
  11. We started the year with just ORT books and heard the children read at least once a week, twice if time allowed. The books were changed when the children read if they were confident with it.
    Last term we started with Bug club books and have seen a really big improvement in reading standards. Children are heard reading monday to friday on a 1-1 by T/A's or myself and if the parents read with them at home as well and write a comment in their reading records they put them in a box on friday morning. I then check for a comment and allocate the children an on line book to read at their level. If there is no comment then no book. This has become very popular and even those children that did not want to read at home are now doing so. We do offer computer access on friday mornings for parents to read with their children if they do not have access at home.
    Hope that makes sense.

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