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Reading assessment task ideas

Discussion in 'English' started by lovely_lorz, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Hi all,
    I'm just redoing the schemes for ks3 for next year and have decided that some of the assessment tasks that were in place before I took over being in charge of ks3 are just not working so I want to change them.

    The first task I am stuck on is a year 7 reading assessment. This unit is a novel unit. Various different novels are taught depending on teacher choice such as The Hobbit, Feather Boy and Skellig. At the moment we have a diary entry task where students write a series of diary entries from the viewpoint of a chosen character. This hasn't really worked at all and it makes it incredibly hard to assess on the APP reading grids.

    So.... What can I do instead? I don't want to do an essay as it is year 7s first assessment. Other tasks for reading in year 7 include: comprehension questions, a media essay and a literature essay. Year 8 and 9 reading tasks are all currently formal essay style tasks. Now I'm fine with some of the tasks being essays... I think it is important for students to start building up the essay writing skills they are going to need at ks4 and beyond... But... Is it a bit boring? I have such a massive range of writing tasks!!

    Any inspiration would be wonderful!!

    L xxx
  2. What AFs are you focussing on in particular? I have an excellent resource with a varety of assessment ideas for each AF which I can try and dig out. I find it's easier to come up with an assessment idea if you know what AFs you are specifically going to assess.
  3. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Ooooo that resource sounds amazing!!

    For the year 7 novel unit I mainly want to focus on AF2 and AF3. I'm happy for any of the other AFs to also be covered if it creates an exciting task!

    Thanks for your help :)

    L xxx
  4. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    We do a front page newspaper article.
  5. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    You could just go for the "optional reading tests" which were produced by the QCA? These come with a mark scheme which gives a National Curriculum level, making it easy to mark and to compare results across the department (after a bit of moderation to standardise) and straightforward to report on to SLT / parents etc. Available here, apparently for free, although I haven;t signed up with the site so not sure for definite, but probably findable elsewhere:
  6. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    Doh! Just seen the title of the thread! Of course we don't do a front page newspaper article as our reading assessment. Instead of the essay format for the novel we ask between 5 and 8 questions that target specific AFs. We still get quite lengthy responses but it is broken down into questions. In addition, we do one reading assessment with each year group whereby they respond to 5 - 8 questions and then we listen to their responses and assess using the APP grid. This is to lighten the marking load.
  7. fineliner

    fineliner Occasional commenter

    You could do an oral assessment - group work followed by role play with the opportunity to ask questions of pupils in role. This should give you plenty of evidence to assess each AF you have worked on.

    Or you could give pupils a passage from their novel and ask them to do a detailed annotation - very important skill - responding to a stimulus which would allow you to assess against the AFs.
  8. Ooooo that resource sounds amazing!! For the year 7 novel unit I mainly want to focus on AF2 and AF3.[​IMG]
  9. wordclass

    wordclass New commenter

    That resource sounds useful, RozlinEve. Is it a book or handout? Any chance of sharing? M

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