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reading assessment 5a

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by moving-on, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. A colleague is sending children from y5 to me in y6 september at a level 5a. This would be fantastic however, I have serious doubts about the accuracy of assessment and HT seems to be doing nothing.

    My question is; what evidence would you expect, in terms of reading response? Would a teacher reading record be enough evidence? I'm in no doubt that some of the children are excellent readers, however I'm doubtful about the comprehension.

    BTW, I taught this class in year 4 and the children concerned entered y5 at 4c.
  2. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    I'd expect to see some assessed work. Ask to have a look before the end of the year - they should still have all the work.

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