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Reading and writing

Discussion in 'English' started by esthertxu, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody,
    I am an English teacher in a primary school in Spain, i am interested in how to teach reading and writing to small children, 4-5 years old, in English. Could someone recommend me any book to read it and learn about this topic.
    Thank you
  2. UK schools now nearly all start with SP (synthetic phonics) but use many different teaching schemes. But in essence, u start with teaching the main sounds for all the letters and letter strings like qu, ch, sh, th, ai using words with regular spellings. U can find many of them at http://englishspellingproblems.co.uk/html/learning_to_read.html U then gradually introduce some of the most used words with trickier spellings, such as ‘he, she, the, one, said’. U can find fuller explanations on http://phonicsinternational.com/ and http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/

  3. No English teacher would ever describe high frequency words such as ¨he¨as being
    Most young Spanish learners of English can cope with the fact that the single word you is used in place of both tu and usted. They will have absolutely no difficulty in grasping the fact that this word is made up of three letters. For Spanish learners, the use of the single letter U would seem ridiculous. In fact, no teacher of English would ever subsitute the letter U for the word you.
    Goodness only knows how anyone can teach English if you can´t introduce words like the, he, she, said really early on in the learning process.
    OP, please do not take any advice from the ridiculous Marsha.

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