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Reading and spelling age

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by DrewNash1988, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. DrewNash1988

    DrewNash1988 New commenter


    Does anyone know of the best tests to score reading and spelling age, please? My school uses Salford and wondered if there were better products available.

  2. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    Don't do Reading or spelling ages. It has been considered bad practice for more than a decade, because no one understands what they mean. Even a very experienced assessor will need manuals to understand the scores.

    These scores imply a linear learning rate, whereas reading and spelling are in fact curves which flatten out. In other words, if you are '3 years behind' at age 8, that's a big deal. However, if you are 3 years behind at 16, it barely matters at all. However, schools and parents will get in a flap over it.

    You should be reporting in standard scores, with an average range of 85 to 115. This means that year on year your comparison remains valid as does your judgement about whether you have successfully closed a gap.

    I have lost count of how many teachers have needed to be corrected in their action research for declaring an intervention successful because of a change in reading or spelling age, when in reality there was no change at all relative to their peers who did not have the intervention.
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  3. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter

    I totally agree with Flanks about the use of Standardised Scores as this is far more effective. Salford is as good a test as any and uses Standardised Scores. For our SEN people and English Department I have created a calculator in an excel spreadsheet to assist them in working this out and attached it - it may be some use to you.

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