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Reading Ages

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by tinki, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. tinki

    tinki New commenter

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some recommendations for programs that test reading ages. We are a large secondary school. My plan is to RA test the entire school (nothing like ambition) and then set the intervention groups from this data. Impact would be shown through the RA improving after their intervention period.

    Any recommendations muchly appreciated.

  2. Sir_Henry

    Sir_Henry Occasional commenter

    By programs I assume you mean computer. I'm not sure there is software that does the job entirely. I know that Lexia can diagnose a child's phoning decoding skulls but that's about it. Sorry.
  3. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    We had huge issues with depressed literacy scores on entry at my former setting.We tested RC ages with NFER on entry and then prioritised intervention / support groups ( nb delivery is only as good as the deliverer ) and retested.We also lookedat our curriculum model and front loaded support in core / Humanities ( text rich ) .We had a Primary school specialist who advised too and did a lot of raising awareness re literacy across the curriculum. Some students benefited from I T based programmes in our Base. We broke down / analysed the scores of the cohorts year on year and shared with Governors / Ofsted to demonstrate impact of the provision ie not just about intervention - you can use PM targets to assure accountability here ? This was a long time ago and I assume lots of other mechanisms out there now to address these issues . We wanted to provide our associate schools ( be proactive ) with strategies / programmes / support with literacy too to tackle there knowing that our future students would struggle in Y7 ( inner city / massive social deprivation intake ) made sense ...but did not happen ....

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