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Reading a class novel

Discussion in 'English' started by Jules75, May 8, 2011.

  1. Thanks so much for this response. Given me food for thought.

  2. Have you tried guided reading? This really keeps kids on task, let's you get through the text and allows for easy differentiation.
  3. Hi Juliette
    I use a combination of film, audio and guided reading. I agree that it is a thorny one. It really depends on the maturity and reading ability of your pupils. Since I work in an MLD school not all my pupils can read. In this case (and that of poorer readers) I find that showing the DVD then following up with a board game helps to develop comprehension. I make a simple monopoly type board and make up question cards based on the novel. I also link the consequence cards to the novel e.g a character's activities etc. I find that the more able pupils enjoy this too and you could make up differentiated boards and questions. For language work I use vocabulary from the novel to make up differentiated bingo,snap, dominoes and hangman games which I find to be very successful and motivating. For focusing the more able readers on particular aims I type up excerpts from the novel to e.g. examine characterisation, compare and contrast setting and to make comic strips or story boards on plot. I also use this method for reading e.g. single chapters with multiple choice or cloze exercises at the end of each. I find that breaking things down and giving my pupils a variety of tasks and incorporating active literacy gives a whole rounded understanding of the novel.

    I am aware that I am probably teaching my Granny to suck eggs but I hope at least some of this is useful to you.

  4. Don't do it! Why would they all want to read the same novel? Get them in small groups reading stuff they've chosen themselves, then teach them to interpret and analyse.

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