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Readers in y6 maths tests

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gelster, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. What do you do?
    I know readers must be one to one and only where they are needed, and I always have evidence for monitoring visits should this take place ( no more than a pen portrait of the reading skills of the children - which is mainly to do with the reading speed to be honest -a huge time waster in a short test...). This year we have worked so hard to make great progress with the children but I am keen that the 8 children who need readers don' t just have anyone but the TA and the different members of staff ( myself, the ppa teacher who covers a maths lesson and has an excellent relationship with the children, the Senco who likewise has worked closely with some individuals over the years.) to read for them, as some of the children also have emotional and behaviour issues and need routine and familiarity.

    The ARA does make some provision for this - whilst it is clear that they prefer all children to do it at the same time, you can stagger the tests with the usual security arrangements for the later sitting kids if it is not practical to do all together. My issue is with the LA - should they pay us a visit, I have been told they are really not keen on this arrangement and I don't want the stress of fighting my corner over this. Has anyone had experience of this arrangement AND been visited? What was their reaction?Also what evidence do you keep that reading is a routine part of classroom practice? Thanks.
  2. Busy day on the forum - this is slipping down so just thought I would ask again!
  3. Sorry posted twice....

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