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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by shamsh, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. shamsh

    shamsh Occasional commenter

    Your mentor in the school, the person responsible for trainee teachers/NQT/UQT and possibly your head of department should be supporting you and helping with issues like this. Make this one of the targets you are working towards and also ask in your university sessions. Also books like Geoff Petty's "Teaching Today" are very helpful.

    Use group work activities, and "Think-Pair-Share". Get students to think of the questions and hot-seat members of the class after research and thinking time. Try to limit teacher led activities to perhaps a third of the lesson maximum. Put brief instructions for what you want them to do up on the board or on worksheets, and explain what you want them to do for each activity making sure they understand what they need to do by getting someone to repeat what they have to do back to you. It is best to break the lesson down into small sections, make sure there is a logical progression from each section to the next but it is best to refocus at the end of each section and explain what you want them to do next. Variety is very important as it will reinforce your aims and objective of the lesson.

    Good luck.
  2. purplemonkey7

    purplemonkey7 New commenter

    Get 'the Teacher's Toolkit' by Paul Ginnis. It is full of student led activities that can be used in any subject. It is a teacher's bible! Remember the rule...80% student-20% teacher. Good luck :)

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