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RE stuff????

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Same on firefox - there must be a problem
  2. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You mean I will have to make my own resources? Outrage!
  3. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    I tried at school earlier and now at home :(
  4. I have been trying as well. Have received a message from paypal telling me my subscription has been cancelled?? :(
    Not quite sure what that is all about as my renewal isnt until July!
  5. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    to be honest, i dont understand why people use REstuff when you can use TES Resources for free?!
  6. It seems to be working again.
    Bluecharmer- because restuff was up and running before TES and TES resources is really annoying to browse. It is ok if you want to search for something specific, eg Kosher, but if you want to browse KS3 Judaism it is pants.
    TES isn't separated into logical sections for RE (I don't want beliefs and teachings, ethics etc I want KS3, KS4, religions, exam boards)
    And it has tonnes more stuff. And it is all teacher stuff, not people trying to flog stuff, which is another thing I hate about TES. I want a resource or an idea, not some book review.
  7. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    Each to their own I suppose. I personally find that you have to trawl through heaps of rubbish to find anything half worth using on RESTUFF. I also find people to be quite rude in their comments about resources.
    TES seems to be much more supportive (in terms of asking for resources on forums) and I find it easy enough to navigate through the resources!
    I do still nosey on RESTUFF if I cant find what i'm looking for on here, but I doubt I'll renew my subscription next year.
  8. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    I totally agree! I signed up last year and found EXACTLY the same resources which were on TES!!!! what a waste of £20!
  9. Yeah, but on TES you often see feedback that say "excellent resource, superb" etc and actually it is ****. It is a dull powerpoint full of facts that is only useful for chalk and talk, and I have found a few worksheets that have mistakes on them too. REstuff has revision guides and mysteries, assessmats, etc.

    I like browsing for ideas, which seems impossible on TES.

    But like you said each to their own
  10. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I don't know REStuff because it went paid just when I was starting to use the forum but I have heard many, many people say great things about it.

    I do appreciate the way that TES isn't an ideal system for finding things as often when I want to describe what a resource is or how it could be used, there simply is not the flexibility to do so

    For example, when I was uploading the reports submitted to Parliament about the Ebac a few days ago I didn't know how to desctibe them. I usually put 'Activity' if its something that can be accessed by the students directly, an d'Guide' if it's for teachers to use and 'customise.' But for this one - which is really for teachers interest and not for use with students I ended up listing under 'leadership plan.'

    Similarly I would like to be able to set out resources for KS3 or KS$ general topics.

    I would like to register with RE Stuff soon, partly to see all the great resources they have and also to share mine there too.
  11. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    lol - intended irony??
  12. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    lol - intended irony??


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