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RE Scheme for a Primary school

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Nikki786, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Nikki786

    Nikki786 New commenter

    I need some ideas for a good RE scheme for Primary schools. The scheme that my school currently uses is outdated so need to update this to match the new curriculum. Any ideas will be appreciated :)
  2. lizzard

    lizzard New commenter

    Have you looked into Understanding Christianity? You need to go on the course but you get all the resources and SOWs to use from there for all ages groups from KS1-3!
  3. Charliebgood

    Charliebgood New commenter

    It depends which year you are doing. I wouldn't go for a traditional 'Religion x' approach, rather I would base it around themes - festivals, RE for the senses (what you hear/see/etc), the life of individual leaders gives lots of story angles, pilgrimage has narrative and allows inventiveness (design a set of pilgrim souvenirs etc). Depending on the year, they fit varyingly. You should check what your local SACRE recommends as well - especially if they have any clout in your area/school!
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