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RE: QTLS in schools

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by tranquil, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys!
    Just wondering to find out what has been happening with QTLS and teaching
    in schools? Everybody has been very quiet lately.
    Is it going to happen and when? Most of the teaching agencies that I have been
    calling over the last few days they still ask for QTS and when I mention QTLS they say
    "Oh, we are not aware about it" Can you send us some info?
    or they say " It is a recommendation at present" , we don't know when is happening.
    Any update will be much appreciated..
    Many thanks
  2. Don't hold your breath! It is still only a recommendation.
    It has gone all quiet and I cannot find a definitive answer as to what might/might not happen in the future and I think that will be the case for a while yet.
    Schools will continue to do as they always have - and that will differ from school to school!

    I might ask IfL a question about it and see if I get anny response!
  3. From what I've read, my understanding is that the practical application of this change is being discussed now with a view to getting it all confirmed asap (a view to within the next year or so) but that is my impression. In the last edition of intuition, IfL claimed that it will have more info on this soon. I agree with pobble though, don't count on it yet!
    In the meantime, current law states that there is no problem with you working in a school as an unqualified instructor until a suitable person with QTS can be found. I.e. If you're happy to work in a 6th form on a temporary basis with a view to getting QTS later on if required to stay at the school permanently then there is no problem until the school decides to keep you on permanently (again, no problem because the law will either have changed by then and you won't have to do much if anything or it won't in which case you can say you'll pay for my conversion course and support me, yes please, or no thanks, I'm better off with post 16 students).
    My suggested response to the quotes you gave are as follows:
    "Oh, we are not aware about it" Can you send us some info?
    I can't send you the info because I haven't got it to hand, but it's on the IfL website under the Media release section (the consultants are paid to do this kind of research, so the lazy a**es should do their own research).
    or they say " It is a recommendation at present" , we don't know when is happening.
    According to the IfL press release which is also on the new dept for Education website, it was a recommendation which the government accepted immediately in March this year. I'm suprised that you didn't know about this. In any case, I thought that the current Law as it states says that I can still work in a school without getting QTS as a supply teacher anyway because of my post 16 experience and qualifications (the f***w**s also need to read up on changes to Education Laws).
    Hope this helps!
  4. So many thanks for contributing to my questions.... Yes, we have to see what and when the QTLS will happen.
    Of course, I am aware about the recommendation but the agencies are not ; they are so stuck up with the QTS ; like if you have it you can teach and do everything which is r...sh.
    We deserve it at the end of the day. The amount of day to day supply and temp work that I have done in schools none of the QTS people have even dreamed about it.

    Thanks again guys... Let's hope for a bright future ...
  5. I work in a school. I was moved onto main scale. I didn't need to ask my Head did it for me.
    The Wolf report said " with immediate effect". That was back some months ago now. Which part of "Immediate" do you and your LA not understand? By the way the IfL have made this a QTLS thing but I understand from the Wolf report it applies to qualified FE teachers. That according to my LA is not the same thing. If you have a recognized FE qualification and are doing the same work ( teaching) you are paid according to the same scale as a qualified teacher.
    Look in the Wolf report recommendations and take it from there.
  6. barnasha, youare right - 'with immediate effect' wer the words that everyone focussed on!
    BUT there is a caveat..."recommends with immediate effect" - so any school, LA etc can decide NOT to consider equivalency. Many always have done and so will continue to, sounds like you are in that position.

    So this is not necessarily so, even now post Wolf.
    IfL are still giving out carefully worded happy information - if you read carefully you will always find a single word caveat and Mr Gove, having spoken, has moved on, happy that he has saved us all!
    In the current climate it will take a while before this is enshrined in any kind of law.... FE certs will still be seen as 2nd class for a while yet. Happily other changes in the pipeline may speed things up, in practice if not in law.
  7. BUT there is a caveat..."recommends with immediate effect" - so any
    school, LA etc can decide NOT to consider equivalency. Many always have
    done and so will continue to, sounds like you are in that position.
    Which the government immediately accepted. I would therefore say that this is a case of what happens in my college on a regular basis-the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing because the left hand is still thinking about how to actually do it.
    I think the other problem with this issue is that the changes since 2007/8 to FE have created such a mish mash of qualifications and roles that no-one knows who has what anymore. E.g. Many FE teachers like myself don't have QTLS because we qualified before 2007 so don't need it yet we ARE fully qualified FE teachers, but of course, secondary schools and agencies don't appreciate this because they are not FE specialists.
  8. Absolutely! I thought that the IfL would give those of us with the older certs that they accepted QTLS to show that it acknowldges our status. Even if it meant that some would have to do some paperwork!
    That way everyone would know what we have/are/do.
    But although I know I do not need it I would have to get it to work ina school - and I am not even sure if they would let me go through the daft process anyway!
    As the QTLS process is so trite anyway, in hindsight, I probably would have done it as soon as it became available. And if anyone had known what the hell it is unions etc would have told us to sign up and get it done cos it is simplistic tosh!
    All in all it was a potentially good idea appallingly badly introduced! And that leaves many people, new and old, in a weird limboland of uncertainty!

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