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RE PGCE Interview

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Wahida_b, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have my RE PGCE interview at Kings in a couple of weeks. I'm quite nervous as they've said that I will be asked to prepare a presentation but the materials will be provided on the day. Also, will have to do a short written task as well as an individual interview. I am practicing questions for the individual interview but am not sure what to expect regarding the presentation. My greatest fear is that due to nerves and being put on the spot I will go blank on the actual day.

    Any tips for the interview and how I can prepare for the presentation?

  2. First of all, may I wish you good luck!
    I'm on the PGCE course now at Canterbury Christ Church, which, considering how I perceived the interview to have gone, is a miracle. I submitted the application around the 11th December 2009, and found out on the 4th January 2010 that my interview was the week after - for which I had to prepare an activity. My idea was an introduction to worship and the differences between the main faiths in their worship styles, it was average. The guy on my interview had brought along 4 abstract photos which he then asked for us all (in a group interview) to interpret. We were all wrong and it turned out that the photo of what looked like a KKK man was in fact a monk in a branch of Roman Catholicism. Comparably, he should be where I am now.
    The week leading up to my interview, I couldn't eat properly, I couldn't sleep properly, I couldn't focus on my lectures at university - it genuinely felt like my whole world was crumbling and the interview was the last remaining piece of land: I either kept balance, or I plummeted. Nerves are very natural, it is our defence towards the unknown. I didn't know who was going to be interviewing me, I didn't know with whom I was essentially competing, I didn't know the backgrounds of said people, I didn't know what questions I was going to be asked. It was the most anxious week of my life leading up to the interview. But, and this is probably over used and over rated, all you can do is be confident and be yourself.
    Remember, that the interview is there to test your desire to be an RE teacher,,, And if you really, really want to be an RE teacher, then they are likely to see that and this is what they will remember most from the interview. You're not expected to plan a perfect starter or mini-lesson, because if you could do that you'd not need to train. You're a learner, at the very beginning.
    My final advice: let your desire to teach RE be the focus of your interview, but not over eagerly!
    Hopefull this has been of some use...

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