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RE Pentecost

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lunaar, May 1, 2008.

  1. What age?
    I've got some key stage 2 stuff. Leave your email.
  2. haj


  3. gill42

    gill42 New commenter

    I am currently teaching Pentecost in a year 3 class and must admit I have been finding it quite difficult to get over the concept of the wind and flames being the Holy Spirit!!! Decided to make it fun and have read and re read a child friendly story and have used windmills to represent the wind and orange pieces of paper to be the flames - have had the children acting it out - some being disciples and the others being the wind and the flames. It does seem to have worked as they have been quite enthusiastic and can now retell the story. Not sure if any of that will have helped - only my second week of induction in my new job :)
  4. haj


    gill if I remember rightly that link also has a simple retelling of why some christians celebrate pentecost, if its any use to you
  5. Thanks, sorry should have mentioned I've got a Y3/4 class.

    I'll have a look on the website that you recommended haj.

  6. Anyone else? I'm going to be observed for our RE inspection for this lesson!

  7. jo-the-star,
    i've just emailed you some stuff.
  8. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    I used the online story on request.org.uk and then the children made a collage of fire. They enjoyed doing that!!!!
  9. Hi Just wondering if you still have stuff for year 3/4 pentecost. I would really appreciate it. I'm struggling for ideas. My email is kit1@live.ie

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