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RE Observation - HELP!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by nmj2, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. I have been out of work some time (having children) and only returned part-time in the last year and the Head wants to observe an RE lesson next week. I am panicking somewhat as I don't know what makes an outstanding lesson, what he will be looking for as a bare minimum, what to do to impress him, how can I make sure I am covering all "hot topics" (what are the hot topics?!). What should I include in a lesson plan? The lesson will be on the Bible. Any help or tips gratefully received!! Many thanks. I will post my lesson plan once i have done it for comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are all of the obvious elements, for example, she/he will be looking for engagement- so kids not staring out of the window but all actively doing something. Also have clear simple objectives and your activities must link and offer opportunities to cover your objectives and review these at the end of the lesson. It's all about the learning! Plan differentiation for not only weak students but extension tasks for higher ability. A technique i've tried out this term is to allocate a G+T student the role of 'quiz master' for the lesson (doesn't have to be a G+T student). Inform them that their job is to put together a quiz of key questions from the lesson, throughout the lesson, which we then carryout at the end as a plenary- it's worked well- they only need 5/6 questions so it shouldn't be a distraction for them. Try to use open questions and when getting feedback use techniques like making the oldest person at each table feedback- keeps them on their toes. A Bible 'treasure hunt' can be good, put the verses, etc on board and they must find the relevant book, verse, etc. There are lots of good Bible resources here! Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I am going to paste my lesson plan shortly. My ideas for the main activity are as follows (the L/O is "say how the bible is used by any christians") I have Year 4.

    1.Children work in mixed ability pairs. One child pretends they have lost their Bible ? one is interviewer, one is Christian. The Christian has to explain why they are so upset and try and include 3 things they use their Bible for and one reason why it is so popular.
    2.Mary Jones story
    3.Make Little Bibles

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am trying to be as creative as possible.
  4. It sounds like you have some great ideas here! Good luck!

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