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RE Month

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Getzlaf2007, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Getzlaf2007

    Getzlaf2007 New commenter

    RE Month in March is fast approaching. What kind of things are people planning for thisin Primary schools?
  2. Getzlaf2007

    Getzlaf2007 New commenter

    RE Month in March is fast approaching. What kind of things are people planning for thisin Primary schools?
  3. Thank you, this could be a really helpful topic. I co-ordinate RE in a primary school and I'm really looking forward to 'Celebrating RE'. I am thinking of organising some faith through art workshops, perhaps trying to enlist the help of the art co-ordinator. I also want to try to make links with MFL - not sure how yet though! I'm going to try to give each class a small sum of money to be able to buy RE resources like cooking ingredients etc. to try to make their RE lessons fun and creative during March. I want to run a school wide competition - but again, not sure what yet. i only have a few ideas that are in very early stages yet. I want to try to get in some parents to talk to classes and do a kind of 'show and tell' for grown ups to come in to present to the children. Would love to somehow enable children to showcase aspects of their religion and culture, for example indian dancing or traditional dress.

    How about you, do you have ideas yet?
  4. can you ensure though that you are doing faith and not just culture? If it is culture can you relate this to faith? this may then help with issues like' the burka is a symbol of Isalm' - wrong.... but you need to be able to talk about this and the reasons for and against wearing them...
  5. There are loads of fantastic ideas and resources on the Celebrating RE website. Have a look in the 'What's on' section for events. There are loads of downloadable resources featuring inspiring RE activities for all ages and abilities in the 'What can you do' section. Sign up for the newsletter on the Home page. This next month's will be a bumper edition and will be issued on February 1st. You can download the January issue from the Home page of the website.
  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    hey guys, since I am offering free Blue Lotus workshops this term, how about contacting me. I'd love to come and work with you in any way that you would like. See my website www.bluelotus.co or look at some of my resources. I could play 'the philosophy game with Lotusbuds Cards - to encourage discussion - create Religious Identity Passports with KS 2 or 3, show one of the Reflections on Life slide-shows (see My Resources) lead discussion and answer questions about the God Question, lead meditation and visualisation exercises or introduce any religion or issue of your choice. I have some material on Rastafarianism which year 9 upwards would enjoy .... but basically I really can prepare what you want.

    Incidentally, some time ago a lecturer contacted me who said his College would like me to come in 'next spring.' Can you identify yourself and get back to me as I seem to have deleted the message in my efforts to streamline things

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